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How Has 5/3/1 Philosophy Helped You Outside of Lifting/Strength/etc?

I’m curious. To share, I’m getting back into the saxophone and I think it’s amusing that I view practicing with Jim’s approach. I have this perspective from 5/3/1 that I’m not going to be a professional tomorrow, a year from now, or even several years. But if I just practice something specific everyday and put in the work, I trust that I will make gains over time.

My former self would’ve thought that I gotta be able to play some jazz solos really fast in a month by practicing nonstop, but Jim’s principles has taught me about patience, enjoying the journey instead of focusing on the end result, and setting goals that would span years instead of trying to be the best in a month.

Anyone else have these kinds of epiphanies? Btw, thanks Jim.

I use these philosophies just about everywhere.

Slow progress towards your goals and live a balanced life. If anything I have learned that working towards small goals even a couple hours a week is better than planning to do 10 hours and ending up doing none.

Its also good to realize you can’t have it all right now. You have to build up all your skills and character as a person to be truly successful.