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How Hardcore are You?


I don't post this as a bragging or a one-upping forum. I post this solely as motivation. What makes you hardcore? What specific things do you do in the gym that are insane, that would bring others to tears? How strict do you diet, to the point that people make jokes about your food choices and eating schedules? What gets you motivated and ready to train?

I realize this thread can go one of 2 ways. It can be motivating and helpful, seeing how others eat and train, getting you off your lazy ass, OR it can turn into everyone making stupid jokes about being "hardcore."

Also, I only put hardcore because I didn't know another word to substitute it for. I mean it to be a synonym of dedicated and hard working.


I think Dave Tate summed it up the best. Something along the lines of hardcore being the single mother working two jobs to provide for her family. We are just lifting weights.


I don't know if I'd call it hardcore but I'd just like to be better each day in everything that I do so that when I look back 3 months, 1 year and a decade I want to be mighty impressed in where I've come from.

I'll use your word for it "hardcore". What was hardcore yesterday is not hardcore today because it's become a habit.

Hardcore almost conjures up a feeling of trying to impress others when really we should be impressing ourselves.

I agree with biglifter's statement, it's all relative, there are millions of people doing it tougher than me, I owe it to myself not to be lazy, negative, defeatist and anything less than what I truly can be.


SOOO, why not use dedicated or hard working?


Hardcore is not quitting - at anything. Hardcore is getting knocked down, and getting the fuck back up and putting one foot in front of the other. It's a rare trait. The character "Rudy" was hardcore.

Most people here (and in society) don't even have the discipline and fortitude to even stick to eating clean, let alone a "diet", let alone a program, let alone a lifestyle.


I was in the bars in Columbus every weekend hurting guys severely who tested my strength. My hand speed was so swift I sometimes wondered where it came from. I used to break those automatic punching machines that they used to make.


It's easy to be tough when you're fit, strong and healthy. It's when you're in trouble/sick/pain that your character really shines through. See Mike Tyson vs Kevin McBride. Iron Mike throws in the towel with no KO, no injuries etc. This from someone who, in his prime was arguably the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time.


I'm not hardcore at anything... and I don't give a shit.
So that makes me hardcore at not giving a shit.


I'm not hardcore...that's what makes me hardcore.

I have perfect and seemingly effort form on everything I do in the gym. My rythym is inspiring.

I'm hardcore because I leave it all in the gym when I close the door on the facility....



I'm so hardcore.


Then how do you start your car to go home?


Minions Brad. Minions.


Oh fuck I forgot Rock is a dark lord.


It's easy to be hardcore at my gym here in Taiwan.

Most every day I'm the strongest guy in the gym, then if I choose to end with some running on the treadmill I am without a doubt the fastest and longest-running guy.

It's not bragging when you see how pathetic my gym is.


I have used lube as makeup remover.



Too bad it don't remove grime off that camera lens.... KapEeeeyooo!


I was going to say Wings ala Chernabog. But minions works.


Ahahahaha! Its not just the lens... alot of them are blurry because its fucking hard to make your face boy and hair all like good... and simultaneously take your own picture.

But yes note to self no more lube on the camera.


I'm hardcore because I slipped on an ice cube and only cried for 20 minutes.


I'm hardcore because I listen to Gucci Mane. U Mad?