How Hard to Squeeze Calipers?

When you measure your body fat around your mid section, the area near your belly button, and you use the calipers, how hard should you squeeze them together? Im confused because at the first initial squeeze i get a number around 13 but when i get it firmly in there it goes to around 10, what number should I go by?

What kind of calipers? Most are spring loaded and you just let go and it will close itself.

If you have a really cheap pair then usually there is a “button” that once pressed hard enough will click into place.

Skin folds should not be taken one ones self. Always have someone else take them only on the right side of the body to keep a standard. You simply let got of them. if you press to hard you can break the spring that calibrates them.

if you really want to know your body fat got get it done hydrostratically.

Again ask a trained professional to take the skin folds for you.

yeah i heard about the hydrostatic thing idk where the hell to get it done though, I just got a pair of little plastic accu measure ones the other day and was j/w