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How Had Your Diet Changed as You Age?

About 10 years ago I could eat ANYTHING I wanted and not have any adverse response to it at all. Oh how the times have changed. How has your diet changed as you have gotten older? What have you had to tweak and what improvements have you made or are trying to make.

Reason I am asking is because the macros that used to work for me are not ideal anymore. I can’t quite dial it in but whenever I increase the kcals, whether it be from more carbs or fa,t it mostly goes to my mid-section. I am not making huge jumps in kcals so I don’t think that is the reason.

What have some of the older guys (mid 30’s and beyond) noticed in their diets as they reach the 35+ age and what have you had to change to be successful i.e less fat more carbs, more carbs less fat, less carbs and fat more protein.

I know this is all individual but just curious.

Not quite in the 35+ crowd yet, but I’ll throw my two bits in. I’m having to lean away from the carbs myself. Currently in the FB crowd and trying to lean down. I was fairly successful with a very clean diet for about three months and then my brain shut off and I slowly turned back to my old diet and before I knew it I was back to my old fat levels.

Granted, I’m dieting for fat loss but I find the pudge comes on without much effort.

Of course some will likely tell you to do more cardio that may work to temporarily increase the metabolism, but your diet is where it’s at.

More protein slightly less carbs slightly more fat. I can still eat whatever just not alot of “whatever”.

I am trying to hit all the carbs at the meal before and after training and then not much at all after that. Much more fat at night. I have upped the protein considerably because I am doing DC at the moment. Funny though from one day to the next the same exact meal can just sit on me for hours longer than the day before.

Still trying to get out of the habit of going card crazy at breakfast. I think I might switch to the Ezekiel cereal instead of oatmeal. I read somewhere recently that they have a bunch of carbs and are far less filling than oatmeal. Anyway…

Need to be smarter more often with what I eat. If dropping weight need to keep it clean 90%, versus 85% when 30, 80% when 25, etc.