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How Good Is This Workout?

This is my workout and I want to know if it will give me good results, also what can I add or do differently to make it better.

Yeah yeah yeah, its only upper body, but I’m just getting back into it and I’ll get into legs in a few weeks.

I work out my entire upper body in one workout that takes about an hour.

In this order I:
Bench press
military press
lat pull downs
tricep pulldowns
bicep curls
deltoid raises
chest burnout

I do most everything 3 sets of 8-10 reps, bench I do 4 sets and I mix things up here and there. I do this monday, wednesday, friday, and rest on other days, and run almost everyday just to stay in shape.

I may be overworking myself, but my main reason for working out like this is because I like that I only have to go 3 times a week.

I could do a 6 day a week workout and do something like this:

Day 1- Chest/Tris
Day 2- Legs/Shoulders
Day 3- Back/Bis
Day 4- Chest/tris
Day 5- Legs/Shoulders
Day 6- Back/bis

The only thing I dont get is, wouldnt my current workout be worth the time I save, especially since i would be working out my entire upper body 3 times a week as opposed to 2 times a week if I did the 6 day plan?

My main questions is: should I continue this workout where I do my whole upper body in one workout or should I go to the gym 4-6 days a week and do one day chest and tris, next day back and bis? or maybe, chest/tris, then back/bis, then legs/shoulders, and go 6 days a week?

Any feedback is appreciated.

First of all, bench, military press, dips, deltoid raises, flys, and “chest burnout”… and you have one back exercise. Honestly, this is a really bad workout. Read the stickies at the top of the beginners forum, use a workout program written by someone else, such as Starting Strength. WORK OUT LEGS. Also, what’s your diet like?

On top of that, what are you goals? You ask if this workout will yield results? It probably will, but it may not be the results you’re looking for … Diet’s a major concern also are you lifting enough or too much?

You say 3 x 8-10 ok … but what percentages are you using? What’s your max? Your questions are like me asking you right now if my pants match my shirt … without the proper details the question is shit-all.

Yeah your prog is awful. reading it is like watching a handicapped kid about to shove his finger in a pissed off pit bull’s ass from a distance too far away to prevent it.

There is no way any kind of legit effort is going into any of those lifts. 3 sets of each? what weights? And most of your chosen lifts are small, shitty stuff that people do in injury re/prehab programs.

Instead of doing all sorts of strange and random lifts that no beginner should even think of until ages away, pick some good ones and put some work in on them. A good upper body day (which must have a lower body counterpart for innumerable reasons) for a fresh new guy might look like this:

Upper day A

Seated cable row 5x8
DB bench press 5x8
pull up (or lat pulley if you are not high enough to add weight o chins) 3x5

[90s rest between each set except for 2 mins rest before the LAST set of each]

Here we have 13 sets. should take less than an hour (you seem to be keen to GTFO of the gym) at first. the weight for the sets of 8 is about your 9-10 rep max. I like to keep it closer to 9 to make sure sets 4 and 5 are ball busters. The chins are your 7 rep max. goota keep them full ROM and quick.

The progression for this is fun too. each training session after the first yu try and add a set to the end of each lift. so the second time you do this day you would go for 6 sets of 8 and 4 sets of 5. If you complete all the sets without going over on the breaks or quitting on the last you get to add another set to each the next day. If you fail and cannot finish the additional set then you repeat that same set rep scheme again the next time [for the whole day] until you succeed.

Try and work up to 8 sets of 8 with your original 9rm. and 6x5 with the 3rd lift.

Once you complete this level of volume with all three lifts you switch the lifts and start at the beginning with like shoulder press, neutral grip chins and dips.

some system of progression is the key to actually getting stronger/bigger/cooler.

Unclutter. Simplify. Focus. Zen.


that is one good ass workout. shit i really wish i woulda done shit like this when i started. I was just a retard doing random things. I mean I could be much more massive

Heh, damn fellas.

It’s his first post, and it IS in the Beginner’s section. Tad more slack? :slight_smile:

GetBig: Read the STICKIES in this forum and then start a new post about which program looks like the best for you. Ask clarifying questions on a tried-and-true routine. As Avocado said, keep it simple. No need to go around designing the Ultimate Workout at this point.

I took some forum beatings myself when I joined and had no idea wtf I was doing. Educate;execute.

Best of luck.

^ correct.

read stickys.