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How Good is Fat for Size Gain?

It’s very difficult for me to get fat, but I’m sometimes able to build up a small amount of it.

Is it better to always have a little bit on you when going for hypertrophy, or does that not matter? Is it really just about daily caloric intake? How well can the body take that fat energy and put it towards muscle growth?


People generally advise to bulk with less fat on the body since your body utilizes nutrients more efficiently in a lean state. Building muscle is not just about caloric intake, but macro nutrient ratios and adequate rest as well.

As a beginner it would be best not to worry about trivial things and just eat, lift, and sleep.

Hmm, OK. What are “macro nutrient ratios,” though? How are they calibrated to an individual?

[quote]Goggleman wrote:
Hmm, OK. What are “macro nutrient ratios,” though? How are they calibrated to an individual?[/quote]

Macronutrients are the big three: protein, fat, and carbohydrates. They are what contains calories in a given food. Their ratio is how much of your total intake each makes up. If you get a 1/3 of your calories from each macro you macronutrient ration would look like this: 33/33/33 (well, you know…) protein/fat/carbs.

They’re calibrated by experimentation. No one knows what will work best for you.

Just start with a 1/3 of your calories coming from each major macro nutrient. See what happens for a few weeks/month and adjust from there.

That said, I would not get too caught up in it. Eat a ton of clean food, maybe track your total intake for a few weeks and see what you really are eating.

That at least gives you a baseline to work with. Trying to design a “perfect” diet will get you nowhere but paralyzed by analysis (analysis paralysis is not good).

goggle, if you can bulk without gaining much fat, good for you! If you’re gaining 5 lbs a month without putting any fat on, there’s no need to work harder to put on fat.