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How Good Is Biotest Grow! Whey?


I was wondering why so many people on this website think Biotest Grow! Whey is such a superior whey protein powder? I mean I have never even heard of this particular brand of powder before. You would think that if it was such a good supplement some of the larger suppliers of nutritional supplements would carry it (i.e gnc,vitacost, and nutrition express). I am not saying the supplement is good or bad because I have never used it I was just wondering how it compared to optimum nutrition's natural whey protein powder.

I am searching for the best whey protein powder out there and am having a hard time figuring out which protein is best. I usually take designer whey. A lot of people knock designer whey because they claim it has less protein per serving which is not true by the way. If you look at optimum nutriton or dymatize each serving has 24 grams of protein, but the scoop size contains 32 grams as opposed to designer wheys 18 grams of protein per 24 grams of powder. It seems this website tries to market Biotest supplements to so I was wondering if that was a reason that Grow! Whey recieved such rave reviews.


Biotest sells most of their products directly, and only directly, so that's why you don't see it in most of the stores.

And as for finding the "best" whey... I dunno, it's whey protein, not rocket ships, except for flavor, it's all basically the same to me.


Leave the whey behind for amonth and try some of these fabulous blends available nowadays, esp the during-training type stuff here.

If you can get in twice as much volume training-wise, are you doubling your rate of progress type of thing.