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How Good is 180kg Zercher Squat?


How good is a 180kg Zercher Squat?Could typically back squat or SSB /Top Squat a fair bit more? I did have a bar made from scaffolding with handles . Unfortunately I had to give up the room?


The performance of a variation lift isn’t that important - the carryover to the main lift is. The amount of carryover is different for everyone. If you need work on your anterior chain and glutes, I think it would have significant carryover. Zercher squat, front squat and SSB squat are all good options for working the anterior chain hard. It’s just a matter of preference. With that said, a 180kg zercher squat would staple me, haha.


I am short and thick so it is a lot easier for mr. I can’t back squat much more than that though… I can’t grip the barbell properly . I could do a bit more with my bar with handles, they were a little high though.


If you can’t back squat that much more than your zercher squat, you could try focusing on bringing up the lower back and hamstring strength or maybe getting your lats involved if that’s a problem. Those are the first things that come to mind. Otherwise it might just work that way that your back squat isn’t much stronger than your zercher squat. It doesn’t seem like a problem unless you can’t make anymore progress on both lifts.