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How Good/Bad are These in a Diet?


Hey guys, so i have a question. I was wondering how good/bad/neutral these things were for a cutting/bulking diet.

Diet Pop
Beef Jerky



I think they would all be neutral (especially the first two).

Beef Jerky is awesome, but can be over done, since its so damn addicting, so that can pose a potential problem.


diet pop is not a good idea if you are sensitive to artificial sweeteners (produce an insulin response), also it is highly acid forming so it is not great for ph levels if thats something you base your diet on
coffee does have antioxidants, good for preworkout energy (cortisol). however if you consume it at other times where high cortisol levels are not ideal than it may slow down your progress, also acid forming so you probably dont want to over do it
beef jerky - not really an ideal source of protein, high in saturated fats and preservatives

edit: although all would be ok in moderation imo


Diet Pop: if it can help you stop the cravings so you'll eat more cleanly then it can be used but it shouldn't be the main fluid intake !

Coffee: no calories or at least thats what the packet say but i see some oils in the coffee sometimes ? so you should be aware that it can contain some calories but it also elevates your metabolism so it should even out. use it

Beef Jerky: portable and good tasting and not that unhealthy.


Diet Pop = Better than sugar-pop, highly acidic, can produce the same/similar insulin response as sugar, and dehydrates. Why take it? My conclusion: drop it.

Coffee has good and bad. There are some studies that show it to be anti-testosterone, but it also has good antioxidants. It's also acidic and dehydrates. I'd limit to two cups a day, and stay well hydrated.

Beef Jerky: usually contains nitrates, and most gas-station brands have weird sugar/fake sugar stuff on them. My vote is REAL jerky = good. Jerky bought in brand-name, gas station package = avoid.


I've used all three while prepping for shows many times.

Diet Soda is fine, and I actually enjoy the carbonation filling me up a bit during smaller meals. I do drop it out the last few days in a prep due to the sodium content. The suggestion that it causes an insulin spike is nothing that will negatively affect your diet. Anything you ingest creates this effect!

Coffee is also fine, and I use it quite liberally on my lower carb intake days. I usually add splenda and some cinnamon, the only concern being if you use milk/cream, and the sugar content if you're someone who likes his coffee really light. The notion that it acts as a diuretic is inconsequential, as the effect is so minute, and you should already be drinking enough water every day anyway.

Beef Jerky is also perfectly acceptable, but again, the concern is sodium, so watch out during your last week. Other than that, unless you have high blood pressure, it's nothing to worry ab out.

Too many people go on and on about what to eat, or not eat, but if you look at the effects that certain macros have in your body, you realize a lot of the concern is just nonsense.



Good post.

Those that worry about such minutia are typically the same people who never make much progress because they get so hung up on things that don't matter in the long run.


SHOW ME where diet soda produces an insulin response of any significant size.

I've looked, and so far found no such thing.

I found one study where diet soda ingested BEFORE A GLUCOSE LOAD increased the GLP-1 peak and area under the curve a little more than just carbonated water. INSULIN LEVELS WERE NOT SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT. Take a look at the graphs of the curves to see just how different the effects were:

(I'd attach it, but there's no option to attach anything in this browser.)

I also found "Effect of the artificial sweetener, sucralose, on gastric emptying and incretin hormone release in healthy subjects" (Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol 296: G735-G739, 2009. First published February 12, 2009; doi:10.1152/ajpgi.90708.2008
0193-1857/09), which found:

Neither study predicts the effects of drinking diet drinks while dieting. They are looking for isolated hormone effects. In MY EXPERIENCE, which I have carefully measured, using Splenda, even quite a bit per day, had no effect on my fat loss while dieting.

I am sick of pseudo-science alarmist crap on the forum. It's getting to the point where, snobby as it sounds, I want to say, if you haven't studied statistics and experimental design while earning an advanced degree and publishing or presenting your own research in one of the more rigorous science fields, don't tell us what research has found. And certainly not if you heard about if from Dr Mercola or an equivalent alarmist.


I've heard other competitors who have screwed up their conditioning blame diet soda or splenda for their performance. When I was prepping, I was eating so much oatmeal and cottage cheese, both practically buried in splenda (and sometimes WITH a diet soda -lol), and I looked damn tight :smiley:



I like coffee. I love it especially if I am doing lower carb, because I use heavy whipping cream and splenda.. and I use it as part of my morning fat source. I usually drink coffee, then eat breakfast an hour after waking up.


You touched on a very good point with that last bit... a lot of things in the fitness enthusiast's lifestyle can breed obsessive behavior.


I know threads a little old but from my experience with the stuff

Diet soda- like stu said it can help fill you up because of the carbonation. I find that the best thing that you can get from diet soda if you must have it is it can satisfy urges to eat stuff that is much worse. THe artifcial sweetner isnt the healthiest for you but if you feel the need to eat a bunch of cheat food, or have diet coke OBV take the diet coke.

Coffee- ive heard of bodybuilders drinking black coffee just to boost their metabolism. what you have to watch out for is taking to much caffeine before a workout without a vasodilater. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor so it could reduce your pump if not balanced with say arginine or another supp that has the same effect.

Beef jerkys an easy way to get protein on the go, the only problem is the sodium like stu said. In my case i find that I am always thirsty especially on my workout days, im constantly downing gallons of water. So the sodium might make it even harder for someone who needs to already drink alot


I get my beef jerkey from a butcher/meatery here where i live. fuck is it ever good.


This is ridiculous.

No one has to worry about taking a vasodialater due to drinking coffee before training. People have been consuming coffee prior to physical exercise for a long time, even prior to the advent of conventional supplements, without a problem.

In which fitness mag did you find this BS?


I'm swimming in diet mug root beer and diet wild cherry pepsi right now! Diet soda's are a godsend when you get deep into diet territory.


Do you work for a supplement company?

Caffeine (such as black coffee) before lifting, protein+carbs during workout= good pump.

lifting period = pump.

NO xplode, NO shotgun, NO vapor etc = too much money, too little effect.


From MY experience what he said is true. Not the part about worrying about taking a vasodilator with the caff. But the caff itself does reduce the pump I get. I used caffiene pre workout for about 6 months. Over time my pump got very bad and virtually nonexistent on some days.

I do not consume caffiene at all on a regular basis. And I was only using 200mg on workout days. I stopped taking it and within a few weeks the pump I would get was much better.