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How Good Are Nordic Lift Knee Sleeves Compared to SBD?

They are usually on sale for $33 on Amazon with an original price of $99. SBD sleeves are around $80 and are considered one of the best sleeves around. I really don’t want to spend that much for sleeves. Nordic lift seems to be the next popular and we’ll reviewed. Thoughts?

SBDs are definitely overpriced… well all high end sleeves are tbh but as for Nordic Lifts being the next most popular…

As for the Nordics…Not IPF approved I think and can’t be used for competitions. So more a training sleeve. If you want cheap in terms of money and kinda decent quality…

SBD is better in every way and has lots of sizing options to get a perfect competition fit. So if you are gonna have seperate comp and training sleeves the SBDs gonna be your comp.

Personally would go a bit higher end for knee sleeves even for the training ones because I’ll be doing a lot of work in em. If you’re that cheap may as well say fuck it and go sleeveless.

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Part of the reason that SBD products are so expensive is because they have to pay the IPF for their stuff to be on the approved list. I’m sure there are other good brands of knee sleeves that are less expensive and not allowed in IPF meets, but I have never heard of Nordic Lift so I can’t say. Still, most people that compete in sleeves these days are wearing SBDs, and if not those then Titan Yellow Jackets. If you just want to keep your knees warm then they are all pretty much equal.

I know several people who actually prefer the Eleiko sleeves over SBD, and they are much better priced.

I just looked them up, on the Eleiko site they are $47. I assume that is for a pair, which would put them around half the price of SBDs. They only have the small sleeves in stock right now, but:

“Please note that we will be releasing a new version of these knee sleeves in the coming months.”

Note: on second glance, they are in fact sold as a pair. That’s pretty fucking cheap, especially considering they are approved by the IPF which makes everything more expensive.

Do people claim that Eleiko sleeves add a few pounds to their squat as well? Are they the same length as SBDs?