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How Good Are My Squat and Deadlift Programs?

Hello guys
Recently switched to a full body routine focussing on the big compound movements. Squats are three times a week, bench is three times with my regular bench on Monday and Friday while close grip on Wednesday. Deadlifts and OHP on Wednesday. All exercises with their accessories of course.
The squat programming goes like this
Week 1 - 60/65/70
Week 2 - 65/70/75
Week 3 - 70/75/80
Week 4- 75/80/85
Week 5-80/85/90
Week 6- week 1 + 5kg
Week 7 - week 2 + 5kg and so on.
For 60-3×10/65-3×8/70 to 75 -5×5/80-6×3/85-5×3/90-5×2

For deadlifts
W10-W1 + 5kg
W11-W2 + 5kg and so on

Kindly help me out. God bless.

How did you come about this program?

I didn’t come across this… I made this. Can you give me an idea whether
this is a good one or not. Numbers currently are SBD - 225/185/250 lbs.
5’7, 156 lbs.
I started with brosplits before switching to starting strength from SBD -
135/95/165 lbs and 143 lbs.
But I stalled.
I am a novice. So I want to milk my linear gains…hence this program. :frowning:

Before I say anything… are your goals to actually to compete in a Powerlifting as in doing a actual meet or just general strength development?

May you rest in peace…or pieces…whichever comes first.

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5 doubles with 90% sounds a little too ambitious, but the rest could be manageable.

If you stalled on Starting Strength then linear gains are finished. Something like Texas Method, a 5/3/1 variation where you squat and bench at least twice a week, or the 3 day Sheiko sample program should work for you.

@bulldog9899 yes I would like to compete.

@chris_ottawa thanks man. Will definitely look into those. About the five
doubles @ 90, yes, maybe I was too ambitious. 3 doubles maybe.

I highly recommend a program that allows you to regularly work reps in the 70-85% range working 3-5 rep schemes. That is where the majority of your work should be if you want to get strong and keep getting stronger.

It’s not about a program on paper, its about working hard in the gym. Intensity and desire are key. You can’t program that. You can make most intelligent and realistic programs out there work, but its what you bring to them that allows them to work.

I use a very very simple approach and it works very well. Didn’t even have to reinvent the wheel for it to work extremely well.

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