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How Good are Biotest Products?


After reading this article, http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=460792, specifically this quote

"But in reality, your body's real smart, and it down-regulates �?? it beats you to the punch �?? and a steady stream of amino acids doesn't work after a few hours. Instead, it looks like pulse feeding �?? giving the body a shot of protein and amino acids every few hours is really the best way to go. Hell, I really shouldn't even say that because I'm shooting myself in the foot. A lot of companies want us to develop these time-released proteins for them, and we stand to make some money. So, it's kinda' dumb of me to say that they don't work. But, what the hell"

would the casein in Metabolic Drive be worth the cost? Also, do you guys think Biotest has superior products than any other supplement company (specifically protein powders)? If so why?

I know pretty much every article on here praises it but can you guys compare it to other products you've purchased? Why should I spend extra money on Biotest supplements other than to support the site for the great articles they have.

 I'm not saying Biotest is bad but why do you think they have the best protein powders?


not sure on the quality of it, not sure how to rate it, but i can safely say that it tastes better than any other one i have tried, and thats even the Low-Carb Metabolic Drive


Tastes really good, nice amounts of casein in it with minimal fat carbs (unlike say muscle milk or syntha-6 etc etc), mixes easily etc.


This good.


At least Biotest doesn't sell bullshit stuff. Their products tend to work as advertised. I'm not sure what other company does that.

Surge is pretty good. Alpha Male too. The Spike product line as well.


if you cannot afford the experiment of purchasing Metabolic Drive and consuming it every night before bed, then it doesn't matter. stick to cottage cheese or yogurt.

if you have the funds, i recommend you give it a go. there is no other product on the market that has the protein quality, taste, mixability, or relatively cheap price (considering high end ingredients). many will have some of these qualities, but not all.

i guarantee you will notice the difference when you wake up after a week of use. you will also notice the difference when you stop using it.


The main thing I like about Biotest, and this may sound like a knock but it isnt, is that their products FOLLOW the science.

Meaning other companies seem to release brand new, unique chemicals that they discovered and no one else has, while Biotest appears to be looking at the scientific literature and making supplements based on that info. Take Beta-7, Rez-V and Carbolin 19 for examples... They came out after the research was compelling.

The protein powder is unquestionably the best in my opinion. No cheap filler, no sugars, from what TC and Tim have shared it has ample amount of micellar casein in it... and it tastes awesome.


Simple. They mix right, not chalky, taste good, and most important of all, they do not cause gastric distress, which is evident in the inferior powders. After over a decade of supplementing with protein powders, Biotest stands clearly above the rest. I have yet to find one as good at the price they sell it for. They have my stamp of approval.



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They are very good.

I think they have high quality stuff that does what it is advertised to do.

No bullshit in their products that I have seen. They are not the cheapest but you get good value for your money.