How goes the T-Dawg Diet

Anyone doing the T-Dawg Diet, and if so how are things going. I am on my first week and can not wait for Saturday Cheat Day. This is my first Low Carb Diet, and being used to eating a lot of Italian it is hard. Any advice or experiences would be welcomed.

I’m in week 6 of the T-Dawg. The first week I lost 5lbs, probably mostly water weight. Since then I’ve lost about 5 more lbs, but my arms are much more defined at only 1/4" less size than before. I’ve also lost ALOT of gut fat. I enjoy plannin my whole day diet to get the right combo of cal/carb/protein every day. The MD6 and T2 helped with my mood and engery level too so I don’t feel flat or low like some people say you will. I’m still gaining strength too and enjoying the entire experience. Good luck to you and stick with it, it does work!

Hang in there. You will find that your appetite will drop off considerably – if you lay off of the carbs. After week 2 it will be a lot easier. Remember no carbs till your big salad with dinner. No pasta or bread, or you are just wasting your time.

Do you do the Carb Loading (Cheat) Day and if so what is a quick example. I have stocked up on ALA. Thanks for the feed back.


Yes I do use the cheat day. On Sunday my day is very busy, get up at 8am, don’t get back to bed until 7am on Monday. So a fast food meal is usually my treat (no fries because of the grease/oil). This is the only day I eat any bread or have a soda. Man do they taste good after not having them for a week. Moderation is still important, I keep my calorie intake the same as the other 6 days, just allow more carbs.

I am in my third week of T-Dawg and second week of meltdown training. I started chubby at about 32% bodyfat and have so far lost 12-13 pounds…aiming for 25-30 lbs. I got sick of not being able to see the results of two years of training.