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How Fit Does Jogging Get You?


I want to loose weight but I can not go to the gym becouse I have some wrist injurys right now and I was thinking about starting to jog. What kind of results should I see if I start a jogging program and I stayed dedecated? Does anyone know any websites that offer information about jogging? I want to loose about 15-20 pounds.


In order to effectively lose weight from jogging you will need to jog 20 miles/week. According to the most recent Runner's World anyway.

You dont need to overthink jogging. Just go out and jog 2-5 miles each day. Try to get faster on the short runs then the long ones.


Jogging and running does one thing. It makes you a better runner/jogger. That and sure there are cardio benefits but the same can be found in weight training and lower intensity cardio or HIIT without as much damage done to the knees, feet etc. But heyt if you like jogging/running go for it.

Might ask TriGWU he's a tri athelete and as such runs a LOT might be able to help.

Also if the aim is weight loss then running/jogging along with NO weight training will do it. A LOT will most likely be muscle as you arew not giving the body a reason to hold onto the HEAVY tissue that isnt being used. It will want to make this now usual activity easier and easier meaning BYE BYE muscle you arent using.

Just something to be aware of.


What is your wrist injury? It is likely that you can still do some training. I have been having some SERIOUS problems with my wrist and I have still been able to work around it and lift. Though I am now taking a BRIEF break and getting it looked at by some specialists. It depends how serious the injury is for you, though. Anyhow you certainly can and should work your legs hard.


Read this article on T-Nation


sounds like a good idea for you, if you want to do running instead of weights / wrist and all that.

Might want to wrap that wrist if it is real tender, lots of arm swinging when running.

I'm a "glass is half full" kind of guy, I'd almost be happy I hurt my wrist as an excuse to jump into the Running Man routines.

Jogging, and any kind of running, can get great results but most people just get out there and slog it out, enjoy the endorphins, make little progress. They get fit to a certain comfort zone then jog on for years with a fat gut. Any good field trainer would whip your ass if you got that lazy. Comfort zone is not allowed in athletics. The key to jogging or any running based approach is to develop progression, push yourself more and more. The Running Man article is great because it lays it all out for you.

Otherwise if you just started running with no plan you'd get mediocre results ... pretty good at first but then level off and go nowhere.

This is especially true of walking / running because we are evolved to run/walk efficiently, using little energy/fat because nature doesn't want us to.

Most people cannot run properly, make sure your trunk is steadfast and rigid, your arms must swing with your legs (you can ONLY run as fast as you can swing your arms, .: sprinters have huge shoulders), your shoulders stay square they do NOT swing forwards and backwards twisting to match your legs, your head is level and minimal bobbing up and down, your arms are at approx. 90-135 degrees and stay there (some like a bigger angle, just don't change the angle mid swing). Watch some top sprinters on video. Beware, even at olympic level, some people have pathetic form. So watch the champions.



If I can quote Shugart, who was quoting Dr. Ryan, who was paraphrasing Yoda, who was ripping off Buddha (I think I got that right): "Walk or sprint, there is no jog."

If you're going strictly for cardio, you'd be better served either consistently walking (see Dr. Lowery's 100 Workout article:
http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=927737 ) or going for some type of sprint workout (like the Running Man article that Magarhe provided).

Jogging can actually increase knee stress, compared to the same amount of sprinting or walking. So, in terms of the actual time invested in working out, jogging doesn't hold many (if any) benefits over other options.

As an aside, have you considered a heavy bag? I know your wrist is fouled up, but even just "playing around" with some basic kick combinations (as in, make foot hit bag, repeat) can be a great workout.


Thanks for everyones help i'll make sure to read the articles, but I really cant do anything with my wrist. I am going to have a surgery where they take a little piece of bone from my hip and put it in my wrist. I used to skateboard a lot and that was a good workout but i stopped that just so I dont hurt my wrist anymore. My doctor told me to make sure to take it easy with my wrist. Everyone tells me to jog to loose weight. I eventually want to go to the gym once my wrist is healed.


Remember this;

3300 calories = 1lb of fat
Restrict your diet, burn calories, lose weight. Your body will only catabolize large amounts of muscle if you dont have the proper nutrition (most of the perceived muscle loss is really the transition of type IIb fibers to a more oxidative/fast glycolitive state). Runners have different nutritional needs than weightlifters. Find out what you need to eat. To achieve minimal training effect you need at least 20-30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise 3-6x/wk.


Sorry I can't read.


i think if you already have an efficient aerobic metabolism and can actually run while keeping your heartrate at an aerobic level then have at it.you'll be burning fat as you run. however running is harder than most people realize and most people cannot run while staying aerobic(predominantly fat and o2 for fuel). once you get into anaerobic( more and more glycogen for fuel) your fat burning all but dissappears.

my suggestion to you is get a heart monitor. learn how to estimate your aerobic heart rate( generally 180 minus age ) and start running at or below that heart rate if you can. if you can't keep it below then walk. or mix the two.


I dont think I have an areobic metabolism....I am 180 Pounds and 5'11. Im not fat im just chubby.


I'm going jogging with veronica, apparently its a new fad where you just run for long periods of time. I dont know, jogging, perhaps a soft J... yogging?