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How F'ed Am I?


Age 28, male. Been 3 weeks since my last susta 250 shot.
LH 1.1 mIU/mL
FSH 0.8 mIU/mL
TT 17.98 nmol/L (518.16 ng/dL)
FT not ready yet
E2 89.7 pmol/L (24.4 pg/ml)
DHT not done
PSA 0.463 ng/mL (0.46 ng/mL)
T3 1.77 nmol/L(114.94 ng/dL)
fT3 not ready yet
T4 108.6 nmol/L (8.44 ug/dL)
fT4 14.5 pmol/L (1.13 ng/dL)

FT and fT3 will be ready in a few days and I did not to DHT as I was sure it's low and it also takes about 2 weeks for the results to come back(they send it to Germany...).
So do I qualify for TRT? Can anyone spot anything bad?
Thanks a bunch!


you took a 250mg Susta shot 3 weeks ago
you are asking if you qualify for TRT

I am confused with those two statements.

you didn't list any symptoms or problems you've been having
you didn't list your treatment plan or past blood work or past issues.

how can we help again?


You are right, sometimes I write as if everyone knows what I am up to, my mystake, sorry.
I was on a susta cycle, 500/week and the last shot was 3 weeks ago. Started PCT second day since I was a bit nervous about gyno.
Took nolva 40/40/20/(still taking it). Taking also tribulus and a test/fertility booster made from heracleum sphondylium(read a lot about it and it seems it's very good for both T and fertility).
I am not 100% sure but I am pretty sure I was in the low end of the range with T even before I did the cycle. Unfortunetly for some reason I didn't do the tests before the cycle(I know, I'm an idiot).
To be honest I am really hoping to go on TRT because even if my test would be in good range I could still benefit from more on TRT AND I would have no problems with PCT after a more serious cycle and there would be no crashes and such after the cycle.
Besides I'm almost 30, from now on I doubt that my T has any chance to go up.



So in the last 20 days, you've gone from:

to this?



Oh yes I also forgot about this gem of a thread where you state that you dont eat any fat at all and workout for 3.5 hours a day:


See the sticky: Things that can damage your hormones

Bonez is right...you probably aren't a troll, but you sure as shit wear the troll's uniform....


I am sorry, but I am even more lost now.

you are doing cycles? or you want to be on an HRT regimine?

one is for building muscles, the other is to improve quality of life by correcting hormonal imbalances.

doing one correctly is hard enough...


VTBalla you did not spend nuff time reading what I posted. You simply read a few lines and understood nothing. If you spent nuff time to actually read what I wrote you would have never posted what you just did unless you are completly unable to understand english.
And proof that you read with your eyes closed is the fact that I never stated I workout for 3.5 hours yet you seem to have read this somewhere.

Chance I want a blast and cruise regime or TRT with cycles from time to time, same thing. I know what each is for :).
This is how I view things:
At my age T is not going to go up just down. I also want to cycle. If my T is pretty bad as it is and I also kill it with a cycle it will be a bitch to recover so I rather go on TRT for life and cycle twice/year. This way I get the best of both worlds and I have no problems with recovery, PCT, crashes, etc.

Doing both correctly would not be more hard than doing a cycle and recover from it.
100-125 test e/week split + 500 HCG/week split + 1mg arimidex/week split would be the basic TRT(with the necesary arimidex adjustments) and the blasts... well probably the next one will be a 1000/week test e for 10 weeks.

My question stands, looking at my results as they are now, do you think a doc would put me on TRT?


Are you really splitting hairs over whether or not you work out for 3.5 hours or 3 hours, as you indicated in that link? As if that is somehow less retarded? They are both so far out there in the realm of stupidity that I didn't see a need to distinguish between the two...so I apologize for thinking you are 30 minutes stupider than you actually are...

I read exactly what you posted....unfortunately...you've got 39 posts on this site and about 95% of them are....hrmmm...lets be nice here..."misguided"....there is no problems on my end comprehending...

Lets recap:

-28 year old doesn't eat fat and train 3 hours 5 days a week, and wonders why he "might" have low hormones
-Absolutely clueless where hormones are concerned, but has decided it would be in his best interest to go on TRT anyway and could intentionally damage his hormones further to reach that end
-Seems obsessed with blasting and crusing not from a health perspective but because he likes "muscle pumping"
-You've identified that doctors wherever you are from probably wont give you HCG or an AI, yet still want to force yourself onto TRT....
-In the middle of PCT with what appears to be fake or underdosed Nolva and got bloodwork done (did you think this would help you get on TRT?) wanting to know what we think...here's a clue: not a lot can be gleaned from bloodwork from someone who is still on PCT...

Get a real SERM and get a clue...or dont...i dont care one way or the other...


VT you are way to agressive for a simple internet conversation.
As I posted a few days ago I did change my w/o routine and now I spend around half the time in the gym doing the same amount of exercises.
I also said I can not eat fat as it fks with my already fkd gastric ulcer, I do not wish it to anyone to feel the kind of pain you get from the ulcer and trust me if you had it and fat made it even "better" you'd stay away from fat to.
Also stated I do take omega 3 and 6 and bushidobadboy said that's fine.
Yes I may not know as much as you about hormones but I know nuff to realise that with age things just go down.
Yes docs here will more than sure not give me HCG or AI but that does not mean I can't get them, I'd prefer them to be on a prescription but I can do without the piece of paper.
What I was actually doing is easy, get blood tested while I am still in the crash zone and such making sure my results are bad. Get them to a doc, not tell him what I was up to and get him to put me on TRT.
Why not TRT? Why live and feel like a mortal when you can live and feel like a god?
As for the nolva being fake and geting a real serm... It's easy to say it but since I can't get it from the pharmacy I can only hope it's not fake. I dont think it's underdosed, from all that I read the standard PCT after a susta cycle seems to be nolva 40/40/20/20.
Anyway leaving all aside and looking at my labwork as if you knew nothing about me and read nothing I posted would you think I could be a candidate for TRT? That is what I really am interested about right now.
Why? As I said at almost 30 my hormones can now only go down and doing a cycle from this age and up can only be a bitch to recover from specially since I do not have your resources at my disposal. So why go through all the ugly stages of recovery and feel like shit and pump my body with nolva and hope for the best when I can just B&C with little to no problems and feel good to.


If you have been on Nolva for 3 weeks and LH and FSH are that low according to your blood work, it would suggest you do not have legit Tamoxifen.


Could it be that since 2 weeks after the last shot you are still suppressed and such the nolva kept me of gyno but could not do much for recovery?
And I have to ask how is my LH/FSH so low yet E2 is in perfect range?


I think guys who cycle take pct starting week 3 so that would mean you have a week of pct behind you. Test should be cleared after 2 weeks I assume in this scenario, maybe I am wrong though.

Did you make good gains?


Yeah test should clear out in about 2 weeks from the last shot and for that reason something is strange. LH and FSH are very low yet my TT is 500(not great but kinda big looking at LH/FSH).
Made some nice gains, would not say great. But considering I dosed susta at 500/week split in 2 injections and susta usually is dosed EoD I can't but be happy with the result if I really think about it.


Did your Nolva come in original packaging? Manufacturer name? What shape are the pills?


Pills came in a what seems to be an original box, brand name Hexal. Round pills.


Ok and I got my free test result and it is 0.039 nmol/L(1.12 ng/dL). Bad bad bad...
Lab ranges 0.015 - 0.145 nmol/L(0.43 - 4.18 ng/dL).


Oh okay, I thought you had the brand Nolvadex but looks like you have some other brand of Tamoxifen.


Still LMFAO. Stupid endocrinologist considers my results to be in range altho yes LH and FSH are UNDER and free test is just a bit over the low limit. "Some men dont need to much test" she said. "No reason to put you on TRT". "Lets wait a month and do the tests again and see how things are".
Also in her expert opinion HCG is for pregnant females only and arimidex is not an anti-aromatase it's for cancer only, a anti-aromatase would be in her thinking VIAGRA! But she would only prescribe that to me if my dick was numb. "Only BIG amounts of test get transformed in estrogen, on TRT dose you would no thave to worry about that".
And also my balls have no reason to shrink on TRT without gonadotropin because... well because she fkin said so! Retarded balls, they should listen to her and stay big.
And that is from one of the BEST endos in the city and not any small city either...


Your endo is just like the rest of the 95% out there. But I would not be grasping at strings just yet. You are only about midway through your pct after a cycle. I think you need to give your body more time to recover before making any conclusions. Probably looking at blood tests to early.. Finish pct then give yourself another month and then get levels checked out. You will have a better idea how your levels are then.

TT 18nmol, docs will not put you on trt (very seldom imo). I have 10nmol and can't even get them to run tests to find the cause.

I guess what I am trying to say is your levels are better than what most have on here. I think you may find it hard to get on trt. The biggest reason is because you probably don't need it.


TT is to be honest not important, it's the free test that actually gets shit done.
I was actually expecting her to be stupid but not to that extent.
F her, there are plenty of docs out there who would stamp my prescription without looking twice, I just need to find one.
As for needing TRT... She had no clue I messed with roids, she simply sees testosterone as voodoo and since she has a hard time understanding it... it's more easy to say no.
The reson I want TRT is simple, I do not want to spend time to recover from a cycle and kill my liver with nolva and I do not like the idea of not controling what hapens after a cycle. And truth be told I like to be ON... I am a way better version of me when on test, even TRT doses. Not talking only about power in the gym, talking about mental state to. While on I feel like 20 again, fek me, I'm not going to let that go away...
Mood is great, energy levels are tip top, general state of well being.
And not only compared to post cycle period but also compared to how I felt before any roids touched my body(like 1 year ago for example).
I'd say that while I'm ON I feel + 500% of my normal, before roids, self. And 5000% of my after cycle self.
So why live a mediocre life(talking from a hormonal point of view) when you can live like a damn god?
Rage on:
I did not go through the trouble of busting my hormones to be stoped by an endo.
You can buy HRT for females like you can buy milk(atleast where I live) but if you're a guy in need of HRT you get the talk to the hand treatment.
Fek docs and their diplomas, 99% of them are idiots anyway.
Rage off. :slightly_smiling: