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How Fast Should I Lose the Fat?

I’m eating about 2000kcals a day with plenty of the usual goodies.
I’m about 5’10 and 204#s right now and my best guess would be 14% body fat. Lets just say i can see my top two abs, but can still grab a nice chunk of fat near the belly button.

I work out three days a week(TBT variety) but am active everyday either walking or biking to school.

How fast can should I be losing fat? When will I know if I’m not doing something right? Is roughly 2000kcals too much? not enough?

Basically i eat:
1 cup strawberries
1 cup blueberries
1 banana
2 boiled eggs

half cup of nuts

8oz of chicken, turkey, fish or lean pork
1.5 cup mixed veggies
1 cup yam

cup or FF yogurt of FF cottage cheese

same as lunch

I would think that’s not enough calories

alright I just recalculated and I guess it’s closer to 2500cals. That just seems like too much for trying to shed the fat quickly. Am I wrong here?

unt calories protein fat carbs
1 cup Blueberries 84 1 0.49 21.45
1 cup strawberries 49 1 0.46 11.67
1 whole banana 121 1.48 0.45 31.06
2 count HB eggs 156 12.58 10.6 1.12
1 scoop whey 110 24 1 4
1 whole orange 62 1.23 0.16 15.39
8 ounces chicken 200 48 0 0
1 cup mix vegs 118 5.2 0.28 23.82
1 cup yam 180 4.02 0.3 41.42
1 scoop whey 110 24 1 4

1 scoop whey 110 24 1 4
1 count orange 62 1.23 0.16 15.39
1/4 cup walnuts 200 5 20 4

1 scoop whey 110 24 1 4
1 cup ff cottage cheese 123 25.04 0.61 2.68

2 count Turkey Burger 320 38 9 0
1 cup mix veggies 118 5.2 0.28 23.82
1 cup yam 180 4.02 0.3 41.42

1 scoop whey 110 24 1 4

Minnesota, represent! Which school are you at?

Anyway, since you’re clearly not overweight, fat loss will come at a slower rate than it would for chub duds. I’d personally say anywhere from .5 - 2 pounds per week is good (towards the lower end the leaner you are). If you stall for a week or two, I’d bump up activity some before lowering calories more. Just be sure it’s FAT you’re losing, and not muscle mass. As long as that stays the same, you’re good. It sucks measuring, but that’s the way to go IMO if you’re really conscience about not losing muscle in the process.

Are you doing any cardio? I added in 2 HIIT sessions a week + 2 other sessions (Tabata front squats, 30mins walking uphill, barbell complexes, jumping rope, etc).

Then I started losing more fat. I may add in a little morning cardio soon, but the ice on the roads makes it a little dangerous.

FWIW, I’m the leanest I’ve ever been, and it wasn’t until I really upped the cardio, even on off days.

Lose it as fast as you can especially if you have other goals, such as being strong and fit for an upcoming rugby season.

Yeah I’m trying to lose the weight because I’m switching from pack to back! hell yeah

just like was posted: 1/2-2lbs a week…probably more at first then less towards the leaning out time.

I just dropped 11lbs in 11 weeks. Worked out well for me.

Tabulate your stuff in Excel; at first its time consuming;but its really awesome and worthwhile.

~1 lb per week. 4 months of anabolic diet worked for me. 6’ 200lbs down to 180lbs. ~10%bf. ~2500 cals per day. switched to T Dawg simply because I love cereal too much too often.