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How Fast Does Bloodwork Normalize After Test E Cycle?

Hey guys:)
Anyone knows how fast your blood normalize after ex 10 week test e (250-400 mg)? I am mainly thinking hematocrit, estrogen, testosterone and others that may rise under cycle.
Don’t need to be 100 % accurate but more when I can go to the doctor without he thinks something is wrong:)
Btw we dont have private labs where I live.
Only your own doctor can check your blood and I dont want him to know anything.

depends on if you run a proper pct or not.

with a proper pct, generally 8-10 weeks after your last injection. Sometimes longer.
Without a proper pct, you could easily be looking at double that, although there is a ton of variation from person to person. Age is a major fact as well. Younger guys recover quicker.

Thanks! I am planning to stay on 100 mg test weekly afterwards (my t is only 200-250 ng/dl) So I am more concerned about hematocrit, ldl/hdl etc how fast they lower again after a upped dose like that:)