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How Fast Do You Drive


I just got back from Kiev.
While I was rumbling down the highway
at 125 mph I was thinking of you guys in the States crawling along at 50 mph in frustration. It's the same in Canada every time I go visit my family in TO.
I see these guys driving thier corvettes and other high horsepower vehicles at whopping speeds of 120 kph or 75mph rubbernecking the whole time in fear of the next speeding ticket and inevitable suspension.
Here in Ukraine if your stopped by the police for speeding you pay a 4 dollar fine (bribe) and your on your way...they also warn you where the next radar is waiting. Actually I don't usually stop when the cops wave me for speeding and they don't bother chasing me cause they don't want to waste the gas and they can't catch me anyway. They stop the old Lada'a and other cars that barely move and usually ignore me when i rumble past at 100 + miles per hour.
My car has over 400 horsepower and i feel like I'm standing still when doing 55 mph or 90kph.
I would go fucking apeshit if i had to drive at the regulated speeds in North America.
In Italy the limit on the highway is almost 90mph but most drive 100 and in Germany there are autobahns where ther is no speed limit Gas in europe is way more expensive than in the states so what's the point?
I can't imagine driving across a huge country like Canada or the States at those puny speeds.
How do you guys do it and keep from going absolutely nuts?


I've driven 100-145mph on back roads and the highway at different times in different cars over the years.

I typically "cruise" at 80-90mph now (highway speeds are 70 mph in most of Florida). Around town, I always stay around 5-10mph over the posted speed limit.

I used to drive a lot faster when I was younger. I actually cruised on the highway at 100-110mph regularly. I even sped around town at 15-20mph over. But after several tickets over the years and using up all my chances to keep the points off through driver's school, I am a bit more conservative now. Plus, I'm not a young, dumb kid anymore trying to own the road or refusing to let anyone pass me on the road. So I've toned it down. However, I do get a huge rush driving fast and racing. But I try to keep it to the track now (autocross and quarter-mile drags).

And my Passport 8500 X50 is one of my best friends. :wink:


We do it b/c we follow the laws of the United States. That, and ticket fines are $100+.


It does drive me nuts from time to time.

However, correct me if I am wrong, but aren't most roads where the speed is unregulated in Europe fairly straight?

If so, I know where I am situated in the US this is not the case


During morning and afternoon rush hour in Houston, I get the old Camry up to oh, 10 or even 15mph sometimes.


i pass guys like you.


Every so often, people let loose a bit.....:wink: :smiley:




I used to drive fast, still do once in a while if I have a reason.

Once you know a couple guys that die racing, you kind of lose that urge. Maybe that's just me.


Yea we are talking super highways with state of the art design and materials.
Of course i was reffering to straight roads with little traffic...except of course the occasional cow or horse buggy.


I now a guy who choked to death drinking a beer but for some strange reason I didn't lose the urge to crack open a cool one when carb loading. I must be a pshychopath.


Isn't I-10 lovely in the morning? I do it too

Mazilla, if your passing either one of us in Houston traffic in the morning it's either because you're in an ambulance, the HOV lane, or in the grass, cause it's nearily impossible to pass anyone around here in the morning especially on I-10, I-45, or 59.

With Houston traffic it takes 1 1/2 hours to travel 40 miles.



My car isn't capable of going over 75 mph on a flat surface.

I usually go around 65 on highways . . . everybody passes me.


If traffic is light I normally cruise about 80 or so. i keep it down on surface streets. I used to scream everywhere I went on my bike, but that was just to dodge the other morons on the highway.



Might as well add 610, 290, and parts of the beltway to that list. And I am not sure I would include ambulances in that list, I have seen them have problems going anywhere. If I get injured, I had better plan on not doing it during rush hour eh?


How about non-flat surfaces. I'll bet u kill on those.. :slight_smile:


Grey what sort of car is that with 400 bhp ?
Also GAS or Petrol as we like to call it MUCH higher Octane in Western europe (not necessarily over Poland / Czech way though) unlike the piss weak shit they sell in the US.

European cars won't run on anything under 95, which as far as I know isn't widely available in US. Also the US Gallon is a fair bit smaller, but you probably know all this anyway. You can buy 98 and 99 octane at the pump readily too. Whilst US petrol is still lots cheaper, its less of a bargain when you compare the weak octane and smaller gallon size.


Smaller gallon size? What? Don't you guys use the metric system(liters)?


A 12 cylinder mercedes 600 sel long. It's got 411 horsepower with a top speed of 260 kph or 162mph more or less. It could actually go faster but there is a kill switch that limits the speed. I have heard that 300kph is about top speed if you do some modification.
It's also got the double windows so there is practically no road noise at all. Driving 100kph feels like you're standing still.
It's got 280000 clicks on it but I just won't drive anything else. I feel invincible in it and although the newer models are somewhat sleeker I hate the plastic they are made out of now. I like knowing that there are 3 tons of metal in between me and everything else.
It's a gas guzzler but I don't care.
Oh and you're right about the petrol. It runs on 95 octane.


Yes, the X50 is a lifesaver. It can almost get to the point of being annoying with how sensitive it is to picking up radar. A fine investment.