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How Fast Do You Drink Your Shakes?


This is a pretty stupid question, but how fast do you drink your shakes? I usually drink mine as fast as possible. Just now I made a huge shake( 4 cups, 1400 cals) and I drank the whole thing in less than a minute. My thought process behind this is that Ill get too full if I drink it slowly, and then not want to finish it. Anyway, after I drink a shake fast I feel kind of nauseous for about half an hour afterwords. Would it be better to drink it slowly?


Waiting for holymac's shake drinking expert advice.






When shakes taste horrible, you just slam 'em down as quick as you can. Metabolic Drive shakes I actually nurse a little bit because I like the taste of 'em.



What you need buddy, is a can of "harden the f**k up"

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Chew the damn thing !


I usually make mine with about 10oz of milk and drink it right over the sink in about 20 seconds.


who doesnt drink them fast?


Digestion is a very complex process. It begins as soon as you see the food (shake in this case) and think about eating it. U should take small sips of your shake, and try to "chew" it. That way, u mix the whole shake with saliva (which contains some enzymes), making it easy for your stomach to digest it and not shiting everything the next few hours.


My daytime whey shakes are mixed with about 150-200ml of water, so the taste isn't great => drink it like a shot of alcohol.
The casein I drink before bedtime I mix with low fat milk and the Belgian Chocolate taste is a true delight. That one I enjoy drinking slowly.


Drink 'em slow. /thread.

By slamming it or drinking too fast you're wasting protein, since it won't be absorbed properly.
If you are concerned with not finishing, sip your big shake while watching TV or trolling on T-Nation. This goes for any food. Not paying attention to it while eating helps with putting large quantities down more easily.


Interesting stuff, thanks mate.

I'm guilty of downing things too quick, my PWO shake takes longer as i'm having a good chin wag in the car park but during the day I take them in one go.


I drink mine over the course of 2-8 minutes.


I agree with the posts which say to chew them. Paul Chek says we should drink our solids and chew our liquids. By doing this, it gives the digestion process a head start and will help you assimilate the nutrients more efficiently.
However, if that's you in your avatar, I think whatever you're doing is working...


How much difference does the speed at which you are drinking your shake make?

Honest question. How significant of a difference are we talking about here?

Seems like it is majoring in the minors to me, but...


I highly doubt it makes a huge difference. If you have the extra time to drink it slow sure go ahead. If not then nothing to worry about. The only time i ever really drink it slow is when i am drinking it while doing my stretching


I lost my shaker so recently Ill come home post workout and lay 2 scoops of my powder out on the glass living room table and get a crazy straw. I cut the powder into good size lines and then just start sucking thru my nose. I figure protein in the brain is better than in the stomach. My gains recently have been INSANE. Allergies also INSANE


And how, exactly do you figure that? Digestion slows down (via delays in gastric emptying: ex: CCK and secretin) when you shove huge quantities of food (especially protein and fat) into your GI tract, it automatically parcels food out of your stomach into portions your small intestine is more likely to be able to handle.

Drinking it more slowly might help but saying it won't be absorbed is somewhat erroneous.


Paul Chek also saves his own feces.