How Fast Do Testicles Shrink on Steroids?

Thx dude means alot! And yeah tapering the dose down and go with sust 500mg only, should gain good amount lf muscle on that too.

Bf 11% 191cm and 101kg

Yea 500mg with a good diet you should EASILY net 15+ lbs.

You’re very, VERY tall, I’m 165 cm in stature, however backwards it’s 561 cm so it’s all fine and I certainly don’t have a Napoleon complex (I’m NOT SHORT, everyone else is tall) that’s the rhetoric I use

Yah, i never had a mom and was bullied about it. Dad started drinking and was abusive af but i forgive gim

Look mate I’m clearly not in a position to give advice. However I assume you’re relationship with you’re father is reconciled? If not, you must remember that parents, despite being… Well parents, are just people, and toxic people are generally not people you want in you’re life, if you’re father continually pulls abusive stints (to this day) be it emotional or physical, unfortunately the best situation (in my unprofessional opinion) may be to cut someone like that out of you’re life.

As to kids bullying you about you’re mom, that’s not right, kids can be absolute cunts though, I find the majority of teenagers think about nothing but themselves and what benefit they can gain from situations, related to prefrontal cortex development, the full development of empathy and being able to relate to others simply isn’t there for many.

I’m 18 to clarify btw, seriously I still get kids talking to me in ways I’d never be comfortable talking to others with in fear of hurting their feelings

Anyway I hope everything works out for you, good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanx bro! Nice advice, yeah i forgive but not forget so hes not in my life, i live with my gf and have a job nice car and doggo so lifes good now :smiley: i use the drol cause not too much left last week of it, i think everything will work just fine :slight_smile: good luck to you too!

Oh yeah, forgot to say, that drol is my kickstarter 4wks,not full cycle but yea the dose was too high so tapering down and stopping. Thanks for your time dude

Glad someone talked some truth… I got horrible sides just adding 50mg drol to a 500mg test c a week only cycle. Ur fucking crazy to run all that at 18. Matter in fact ur crazy to touch any anabolic at 18. Don’t ruin the rest of ur life. Wait until you are 30 and could actually benefit from it and realize the side effects. You are doing detrimental damage to ur balls. Knowing how 18 year old are, you prolly won’t listen for shit, but when ur 23 and have to take Viagra for the rest of ur life to get ur dick hard don’t say we didn’t tell you so…

No sides for me, not even a single one and its last week of orals, cont with sust now on, they are 25mg tabs, might be bunk?

sure thing, shoot me an email if you need any help with regard to harm minimisation tactics. (email in my profile bio)

No headaches? Puffy face? 10lbs water weight?

Horrible sleep?? Well ur lucky bud unless ur gear is bunk

Sure thing, might email today! And btw i dont use even alcohol maybe once a yesr and i dont drink on cycle, obviously :smile:

Nope, waterweight yes but nothing else, sleeping fine no headaches and nothing like that :slight_smile:

How long does it usually take for the testes to recover after a cycle?

Mine are back within like 5 weeks after last pin