How Fast Do Testicles Shrink on Steroids?

So im on my first real steroid cycle, sustanon 250mg +Anadrol 50mg
Using test 500mg wk injecting eod, anadrol 100mg, strength are through the roof at week 4 feel amazing but my nurs are on full size, is this good or bad? Thx for your answers, sorry bad english. Peace and lift heavy💪

It’s all individual.

Some guys experience major shrinkage some hardly any at all.

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Ball shrinkage is a benefit of using gear, makes the shaft look bigger.


Its all about the dick to ball ratio. Who needs balls anyway, not into having them fondled, its weird and ticklish af.



Thats a great point. Now that mine are the size of raisenettes, they have become a smaller less vulnerable target for my kids to punch or kick me in.

I havent laughed this hard in awhile watching this.


Its a win win for you then my friend. For me, they’re so small and shrivelled that I cant even have kids, so theres no one to punch or kick them so its a win win for me too secretly crying and worrying about fertility in the future.



“no cup no nothing just straight up nuts” lmfao


Thanx all for your answers, and if someone cares im only 19yo

I’d say ball shrinkage should be the least of your concerns if you’re cycling at 19.


Meh your 19 you don’t need them anymore anyways! Cycle away!

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Thread was going so good. Why did you feel the need to tell everybody your age :man_facepalming:


Very individual. Mine used to stay pretty much full sized through cycle, they did however go soft the longer I was on. They do bounce back to normal hardness from a good PCT.
Since going on TRT for nearly a year they are noticeably smaller, but still there. I’m pushing 50 so I don’t think I’ll be having any kids so I don’t really care(probably crying on the inside like Singh though).

My advice to young men if you want to have kids, take hcg on cycle.

Jesus Christ, a 19y/o using 1200mg/wk


although I bet you’re pretty massive if you’re using 100mg anadrol/day

Also this is total overkill for a 1st cycle

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he came from r/steroids xD


Yea 100mg anadrol ed and sust 500mg a week, and yep dont give a shit

Obviously you do because your asking about ball shrinkage.


You will give a shit in a few years my friend!

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so you’re aware of the cardiovascular implication of prolonged abuse of AAS. To be frank, I dislike you’re attitude, it comes off as disrespectful and thus I will reciprocate my advice with the same tone with regards to this response (don’t say my original post was asking for it, the tone was clearly comical in nature)

I don’t give a fuck about the endocrine effects of anabolic steroids, when it comes to young kids using, the endocrine effects concern me the least, as chances are you’ll bounce back fine provided you were absent of significant endocrine pathology prior to embarking on said cycle. What really GRINDS MY GEARS, is when yolotard kids decide to hop on gear, then when asked about the cardiovascular implications they’re like “left ventricular hywhatoodle?”

Anabolic steroids, ESPECIALLY in the doses you’re using are ABSOLUTELY harmful, look at @weightliftingwithoutlimits photo, he looks like a solid slab of muscle mass, he’s literally BLASTING on about half the dose you’re using (anabolic equivalent even less than half given you’re dose of oxymetholone), the structural, morphological changes you’re likely causing with regard to you’re cardiac muscle is of serious concern, as is the arterial morphology that occurs during high dose AAS use. Not ONLY are you risking substantial cardiac damage in the long run, the long term use of AAS at these kinds of doses cause damage and dysfunction amongst you’re endothelium, furthermore you’re putting yourself in a highly pro-thrombotic with that dose of drol.

Have you had a cardiac evaluation prior to use to wither out the potential for congenital cardiac defects/disease. If you REALLY want to cycle, stick to 4-600mg test weekly for now, that way five years from now you won’t be like “fuck… what damage have I done, I didn’t think this through”, you’ll be like “well I’ve done some damage but at least my ejection fraction isn’t 42%”.

I’m you’re age, I’m on TRT, do you know what the highest dose of hormones per week I’ve used is? 300mg/wk… sure, I may not be huge or a towering fountain of muscle, but I don’t need to be. The doses many use to me seems like complete overkill, literature shows one can gain 10lbs on 300mg/wk, 20+ on 600mg/wk both within short periods of time, WHY then are you using 1200mg/wk, there’s a point of diminishing returns and accelerated risk. At least literature demonstrates in the short term doses at or under 600mg test have minimal adverse effects.

Furthermore if you’re like most teenagers, even myself included, you probably like to go out and have a little fun once a month or so, on anabolics, fucking forget about it mate. Any combination of cardiotoxic substances with anabolic steroids is cause for disaster long term and will greatly accelerate damage being done, be it cannabis, alcohol or others (just listed the two most commonly used by teenagers, and YES, cannabis is absolutely toxic to the cardiovascular system, don’t believe me? I can link literature demonstrating cannabis causing frequent PVC’s in a dose dependent fashion, furthermore isolated reports of cannabis induced coronary vasospasm, takosubo cardiomyopathy, acute myocardial infarction in those with predisposition; anabolic steroids being the predisposing factor and other types of arrhythmia, I can also link literature demonstrating anabolic steroids to cause cardiomyopathy, various types of arrhythmia, sudden cardiac death, myocardial scarring).

This wouldn’t be such an issue that I have to point out if you weren’t on fucking 1.2 G + wk (700mg being orals)

Sure, there’s a genetic predisposition to everything but I want you to think really carefully about this. Sure, it’s not as bad as taking up regular coke usage, however if you continually use these kinds of doses (particularly the orals, 1.2 g test is nowhere near as bad as 500mg test 700mg anadrol, though I should point out test only can be immensely harmful at high enough doses) you’re looking for a heart attack in you’re 40s

Finally there’s the neurological changes with AAS, I don’t give a shit about you’re age or you’re brain development, many kids to stupid fucking things that impact brain development, look at alcohol, one of the WORST things you can use, yet the majority of kids I know drink heavily with regularity (say twice per month). What I’m talking about is the potential long standing changes towards the brains neurotransmitter systems. Literature has demonstrated structural abnormalities within the brains of AAS users (high doses, avg dose 1200+mg/wk), the changes couldn’t be correlated to differences in depressive scores, manic behaviour, cognitive function (although one study came to the conclusion use causes a statistically significant detrimental change with regard to visuospatial cognitive functioning) etc, however we know many metabolites and base hormones themselves act as potent neurosteroids. Long term dopaminergic dysregulation, depletion of serotonin, dysfunction with regard to gaba receptor expression etc can lead to increased rates of impulsive and risky behaviour. Roid rage per se is BS, however the behavioural changes stemming from AAS use are real, I’ve noticed them myself, I’m unsure if this is related to anabolic steroid usage or me simply getting older, but I’ve noticed myself sometimes I think callously about things I’d previously think “holy shit, no way” about, and I tend to call myself out on it, and thus it stops me right in my tracks.

Erectile dysfunction, hypogonadism is chump change compared to being fucking dead

Oxymetholone (dose undisclosed) will increase HCT by about 6% within 4 wks (literature proven), that + high dose test, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re HCT pushes 55% towards the end of cycle.


Thanx m8 ror your great answer and time u took writing it! On week 4 now and tapering down the dose and continue with sustanon only, and sorry about my tone, my childhood was like a hell so had to take care of my own, so thats my plan thanx mate, u opened my eyes!

Sorry to hear about the childhood. Sometimes life gives hands out shitty situations to people who don’t deserve it. Good things happen to bad people and vice versa. What we can do is take our experiences in our stride, let the past shape who we are today, don’t let it being you down and whatever you do, don’t become like the people who tormented you the most!!

Sustanon only is a far better idea if you’re set on cycling.

I’d be lying if I said I myself didn’t have deep vulnerabilities stemming from various experiences in my childhood. Extensive bullying, rejection and numerous bad experiences with individuals who I THOUGHT at the time gave a shit about me unfortunately left long lasting issues with confidence and deeply, DEEPLY affected the way in which I socialise with others, especially with members of the opposite sex.

There are people out there that’ll take advantage of the misinformed or vulnerable, and upon learning this over the years I’ve become very enclosed with regards to sharing information about my personal experiences, the same can be said with my ability to interact with, as due to past experiences I find it very hard to trust new individuals and make friends… Hell I still sometimes wake up in the middle of the night in a very large pool of my own sweat, freaking out and whatnot over the events that transpired (of which I’m not going into, and weren’t particularly terrible, however it must’ve been bad enough to cause long lasting trauma for me).

I don’t know what you’re troubles were, whether it be absent parental figures, a broken home (or absence of a home) but know you’re not alone out there, there are others who have had to deal with similar situations whom you can talk to. It’s taken a LONG time for me to realise many of my interactions and behaviours stem from me lacking the ability to show vulnerability for fear of past scenarios repeating themselves (seriously I was super unlucky how similar scenarios managed to unfold 2-3 times). I should actually probably speak to my therapist/psychiatrist about how to move on, as the nightmares are quite upsetting and I do believe it has set a serious deterrent in my life with regard to making new friends/ partners.

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