How Fast Do Legs Recover?

Do legs recover faster than the upper body?? Is it ok to train them twice a week?

Legs take longer to recover.
Depends on how you’re training.

Even still, you can train them twice a week or even more then that…what’s your routine look like?

I like to hit hamstrings and quads twice a week. Any more and I don’t feel like I am recovered. Any less and I don’t get the frequency I like.

Because calves are in large part made up of slow twitch fibers, they recover a lot quicker and you can hit them 3-4 times a week.

Legs are a funny muscle IMO. They are very tough muscles being that there always used so there real leathery. You can probably reach your squat max 3-4 days in a row without having to drop any weight. They may be sore as hell but you will still be able to complete the lift. If you work a small muscle like biceps hard however Ive found that you might not even be able to lift the t.v. remote the next day.

You can bench/deadlift 3x’s a week but just realize it’s goin to be hell for a while. Short 3-6 week programs aren’t bad but every week for a year goes against ‘modern’ workout plans. Your body will be what lets you know how often you can work it out.

I would never train my legs within 72 hours of my last leg work out. I currently train them once a week, but I guess a person could train them Mon. and Thurs. for example or Tues. / Fri. etc. I’d leave atleast 2 full days in between.

Unless you’re doing some sort of extra leg work (running, sprinting, other kind of sports etc.) then yes, you probably should train them twice a week. The benefits of upping the frequency should show immediately. Hit your legs hard, they’ll be sore but they will recover.

On a day like last friday, I’m still sore, but at least the tightness from my quads is gone, So I guess By tomorow I’ll be ready

so, Saurday, sunday, monday, tuesday to get rid of the soreness.

I did on friday.

-Warm up to 225.
-Go for max of 315. Killed it
-Go for max 335, Stuck in the middle but made the lift
-Wide Squats on a bench, bit above parallel, 4x4 for 275
-Leg press drop set (4 plates/25 reps, 3 plates/25 reps, 2 plates/25 reps, 1 plates/25 reps)
-Leg press 3 plates/50 reps. Rest pause style.

…Oh and I had to climb down the stairs from my gym, then climb back up because I forgot my key, and then climb back down.

I’m doing the hungarian oak program atm (threads in the forums). its 2 days a week. Then I do 40 mins of Plyometrics 2x’s a week. Have running also. Legs feel great, sometimes their sore, but I stretch and eat well and rest good. Thats all while taking care of 2 boys (under 3), working a supervisor job and church life, family life :slight_smile:

Its all mental IMHO. I stay focused and motivated and occasionally when my body says, ‘need a day off’ I listen but for the most part I just push on.

[quote]imc_1121 wrote:
Do legs recover faster than the upper body?? Is it ok to train them twice a week?[/quote]

For most people, it is not only ok to train them twice a week; but is much better and will lead to faster gains.

For some reason, a lot people are under the false perception they can only train legs once a week.

However, if one looks at respected training programs like rippetoe 5 x 5, it does not recommend once a week training or even twice a week training; but 3 times a week.

As one gets more advanced and approaches there genetic potential; then more recovery time might be needed; but for most people a twice a week (or even 3 times a week) leg program should be followed. The problem is that the bodybuilding magazines usually only interview people who are approaching there genetic potential (as they are the big and strong guys who win compititions) and end up posting thier routines; which for the general lifting population is not the best program to follow. Even if one is really advanced, one might be better served working out twice a week using a periodized routine (ie: you go heavy one workout; then light next workout).

[quote]imc_1121 wrote:
Do legs recover faster than the upper body?? Is it ok to train them twice a week?[/quote]

It all depends on your workout and post workout recovery plan. Allowing your legs to recover by themselves is not a good idea as recovery will take longer. This will also take care of the “full body” tired feeling which can last for days.

Surge is an excellent recovery drink, post workout drinks are a must.

you have to stop thinking about the week… start out with 3 days rest and if that isnt enough, add a day. you might find that the perfect recovery time is 4-5 days