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How Fast Did Your Body Composition Change on TRT?

How fast did yall see ur body change on TRT? Like a better composition overall?

Once dialed in I’d say I lost 4 inches from my waist in the first year. Im a few years in now and the scale has only dropped by 15 pounds but my body is a different shape with a lot more muscle. Im still around 19% body fat but its dropping slowly as I progress in the gym.

Happens quickly, but you have to work out. Dont expect higher T to do all of the work, while you continue to be a barfly or eat like crap.

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I’d say I started noticing 1-2 months in. Before trt, I had a total T level of 170, and I worked out but noticed no strength gains nor did it even look like I worked out. I was literally spinning my wheels. After a month or two of being on I felt like it was 15 years prior, when I would make strength gains, and fat loss.

Part of the reason I made the lower portion of this post is because I wondered the exact same thing when I started but it was hard to find where people actually showed their body differences over time in one place. There’s a life quote that goes well with body recomps in general “People overestimate what they can achieve in the short term and under estimate what they can achieve in the long term”. I wonder what I could have done if I put more effort than I did as body recomp wasn’t a main priority then.

I’m 6 months in and have lost 6 inches from my waist and 5.5 from my chest, while my weight stayed the same. That’s with very little focus on diet, but I am in the gym or weekend warrioring most days and I had a lot of fat when I started. BF has gone from 33% to 25%. My goal is 15% BF by year-end. Starting this week I have added more focus to diet and started logging everything and watching macros. I’m a binge eater, so this part is a challenge.

I started seeing differences within a month, friends and acquaintances started making comments within two months. However, I was working out as hard as my body could tolerate before TRT, and so was able to immediately start capitalizing on the introduction of exogenous T.

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THAT happened to me as well…my body was primed to catch up.

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I will probably post pics later, after I get my 8 week test.

It took me four weeks to notice a difference.

I did this same exact routine a year ago, with low T, and got basically nowhere.

Pre TRT I was 132, 11% BF.
After four weeks, my arms, shoulders, traps, lats and chest all got noticeably bigger. I do legs, but I can never seem to really add weight down there. I was 142, 13% BF, 3000 semi-dirty calories a day.

I seem to have leveled off on week six, but I have also stopped tracking calories, so I’m probably only getting 2500 now.

That’s a hard question to answer because I started a new workout program at the same time as I started TRT. Within 3-4 weeks I lost 5-lbs and took 2 inches off of my waist but I can’t say if it was more one of the other. They work together. The TRT helps with motivation and improves my results in the gym which inspires me to work harder to keep seeing results. In the past 14 months I’ve lost almost 6 inches from my waist and about 25-lbs of fat and gained about 13-lbs of lean mass. I’m currently 5’9", 198-lbs, and about 15% body fat.

It did not change very much going from 260ng/dl to well, over 1000.

However, I was very muscular when jumping on TRT, benching 180kg, deadlifting almost 300kg. Six pack abs 80kg 180cm 10% bodyfat.

When I up my dosages to 750mg of testosterone a week, I start seeing obvious differences.

I was not that developed, but was benching 150 kg, squatting 222.5 kg, and deadlifting 230 kg. I was heavier (100 kg) and fatter than you (25% BF). A friend (also on TRT) was very strong, developed and lean (nobody would ever guess he had 150 ng/dL TT prior to TRT as he was very developed). His physique did not change very much with TRT.

I do think that more development to start will result in less changes. The skinny guys grow shoulders in a few months. Where I have noticed changes is on BF%. I seem to have leaned out a bit. Maybe put on a bit of muscle, but not as extreme as the guys who haven’t touched a weight yet.

What type of gains do you see on the 750mg? I did a light cycle of 325 mg and 50 mg var for the last 7 weeks up to a PL meet. I now can lift 230, 165, and 255 for SBD. Some of these gains were during TRT (I had already pulled 255 kg before the cycle). Long story short I was disappointed with the 325 mg cycle, and next time plan for 600 mg a week (should I get results there?).

9 Months into my journey. I started at 6ft3 220-225 lbs. About 18 percent body fat.

June of last year benching 225 for 3-4 reps struggling. Squat max was about 245, deadlift 285.

Today 6ft3 219 lbs (cutting) 10 percent body fat, Now repping 285 on bench for 10. Squat Max 385 and Deadlift 420. I look like an entirely different person. Wide shoulders, small waist, Veins popping out… Everyone that has not seen me in awhile comment on my appearance.

Prior to TRT I had to keep an insanely strict diet to see any results. I now keep a clean diet during the week but can literally gorge myself on the weekends and I seem to get stronger an leaner every single Monday.

I ripped the shoulder on my shirt this morning getting out of the car if that counts as gains. Or it was just an old shirt.



I was thinking maybe you were built like Big Lou. I can remember when he used to turn green and rip his shirt. LOL

haha, I wish. I was like < 150lbs and 6’ tall before TRT. I’m at 165-170 now

Need to send you some mega weigh gain powder. LOL. I haven’t weighed that since I was a freshman in high school…44 years ago.

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Ive been denying the use of any kind of product or supplement lately. Women are gravitating to me. Theyve heard of TRT dick I think.

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