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How Fast Can You Deadlift 20,000 Pounds? Try this Challenge

Been doing this once per week for the last 2 months and I think it helped me finally get to a 405lb deadlift (just hit 415 yesterday). It would be interesting to see the numbers of others…if you’d like to try it.

The challenge is to see how fast you can deadlift (conventional) 20k volume. I do 30reps x 225 as a warmup that counts toward the volume, then 42reps x 315 to reach 20k. Sets can be whatever you want…once I get past the 225 warmup, my first set of 315 is usually 12 reps, then the sets get smaller until the very end where I’m doing one or two rep sets. It’s brutal by the time I get to the end, but the knowledge that I have to get that final number keeps the intensity super high through the whole workout.

And on the subject of intensity…the amount of weight you choose should force some level of intensity. Choose a weight that’s about 75% of your one rep max.

My first time was 29 minutes, but I’ve been shaving a minute or two off every week, so yesterday I hit 20 minutes. And also got the 415 pr directly after. When I can’t beat my time anymore, I’ll up the volume number to 25k and start over.

your body weight
rep scheme that equals 20,000 pounds
Time to completion

Since we can’t control variables like relative strength there should be a couple of standards:
No sumo.
Full stop between reps…no bouncing touch and go reps.

It’ll be tough for us to compare ourselves because everyone has different strength levels for their size, but I’m mostly posting this because it’s a fun way to get some deadlift volume (and cardio).

I’m 178 btw.

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No. Just no.

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So is this to developing max strength or strength endurance?

Sounds dumb but fun to do one time. Make it in kg and we’ll see how it goes lel. 200 reps with 100kg lol. Might take 10-15 mins

If you’re doing 200 reps then the weight is probably too light. Also, with that many reps in that short of a time there’s probably more likely to be a form breakdown.

The idea is maintain a high intensity for the duration of the challenge, not bang out as many reps as possible.

It’s more of a “find out what happens” kind of thing. I like what’s happening so far.

How Fast Can You Deadlift 20,000 Pounds? *terms and conditions apply


I skimmed the fine print for the challenge lol

100kg is bebe weight but I was thinking of doing the reps as doubles or triples and then standing upresting a few seconds between

In the interest of keeping the intensity level high, I’ll add the condition of using less than 100 reps to make 20,000. I’d recommend trying it. I’m having fun trying to kill myself every Saturday.

Mine is 72 reps: 30 x 225 + 42x315.

Are we talking pounds of kilos cos I keep confusing myself lol. Hmm then maybe I’d do something like doubles or triples with 140kg. So will need a little over 140 reps to get to 20000 kg. Divided into doubles that’s 70 sets. 15 seconds per set to do the reps and rest. That comes out to a bit under 20 minutes.


It would be around 9070 kg for you guinea.

20000kg would be double the amount lol.

My mama ain’t raised no little bitch


Sounds like fun. Great conditioning too. I’ll definitely get injured trying to move 20,000lbs in 20 minutes but I’m dtf anyways

Better read the fine print there pig, no sumo is another one of the conditions.

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As in most areas of life…Sumo doesn’t count.

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Hope to see some numbers from anyone who wants to take the challenge. But please…be careful.

I have a feeling the times will be mostly in the 20-25 minute ranges for anyone who is in good enough condition to get through it. I was brutalized at 20 minutes so I can’t see myself beating that next time I do the workout.

I’ll give it a whirl sometime in the next couple weeks. Is double overhand with straps an acceptable substitute for mixed grip? Sounds like a bicep tear hazard lol

I use straps for the back half of the workout. Double overhand.

No constraints on how the bar is held.

There’s no way I’d knock this out in 10-15 minutes. If you’re doing 200 reps, I can’t see you getting it done that fast, unless your conditioning is absolutely insane. I know I wouldn’t. Have you ever tried something like this? It gets hard waaaaay sooner than you’d think.

As for myself, I’m thinking like 5 sets of 10 at 405. Something along those lines. Not easy, but that’s a scheme I know I can push through. Probably just under 20 minutes would be my guess. I’ll try this next time I deadlift.

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