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How Fast Can You Deadlift 20,000 Pounds? Try this Challenge

When flip say ur dreams are impossible

Like for you why not do like 25 doubles with 405 then? How much rest do you need? Like say 1 min per set including doing the reps and resting. That’s gets you like a bit over 15mins

15 minutes doesn’t sound doable. I’ve found there’s an exponential increase in fatigue as time goes by, even with a good amount of rest
By the time I get to the halfway point I feel like I can’t do anymore… That’s when it gets fun finding the mental toughness to get to the end.

I’m sure there’s some hardcore mofos here who will beat my time but 15 minutes seems out of reach to me.

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I guess I’d have to try multiple things to see what’s fastest. IDK, maybe doubles or triples would be more efficient.

You gotta remember, what adrencg just said above, when you start to gas out, it gets REALLY hard. Knocking it out in just 5 sets with more rest between each set, rather than continually trying to do doubles with minimal rest, seems better to me.

And like I said, I’m not saying it’s impossible for YOU to reach the goal in sub 15. I was just doubting. It’s all about conditioning, and I don’t know if that’s a strength for you.

@adrencg what’s your aprox 1rm?


Ive done 20 doubles with 405 EMOM. It’s really not that bad, you’d be fine @flipcollar

If touch and go is allowed, I’m game. That’s 65 reps with 140kg/308lbs.


Or 444.44 reps with an empty bar :thinking:


The ROM on an empty bar would SUCK. I hit 20 with 405+chains as a backoff set this weekend, I think I could manage 40 with 308 resting in the top position, and then eek out the next 25 while dry heaving between rest pause sets.


I did 415 this Saturday, and that was directly after doing the 20k workout. I could probably get 425 up if I’m fresh.

For the 20k workout, I always try to get a big set first and take long rest. Then I go to work on the progressively lower rep sets. I don’t have a number in mind…I just do what I can until gassed, then take the appropriate rest time. If a set is 3 reps then it’s 3 reps because that’s all I can do at that moment. My rest time gets shorter once I’m a few reps away from reaching the goal. One rep. Quick rest. One rep. Huff and puff. Last rep grunting like a werewolf.

No touch and go.

No sumo.

No high rep.

I guess badassery quotient would be measured by coming in with a low time, low number of reps with lowest bodyweight. There’s probably a formula that could take those three factors and make a score number.

If you weigh 215, do 225 x 85reps in 30 minutes that would be a shitty score.

If you weigh 215, do 375 x 54reps in 20 minutes that would be good.

Okay now I’m just getting too far into the weed with this.

This is silly.


Silly because those two things will make it easier? It’s called a deadlift…not a bounce off the floor lift.

How many free reps do you think you’d get for bouncing weight of the floor? I’d guess a good amount.

You look like a strong dude in your avatar. You probably didn’t get that way taking the easy road.

No, but I did get that way pulling touch and go for high reps

I find people that think of a touch and go reps as bounce reps tend to have poor control of the eccentric. I always pull dead stop in a competition when it is high reps, because it is easier without the eccentric.


Jesus, dude


Will shit… If you’re that strong you’ll probably destroy everyone with this challenge so why not sick to the parameters? Like I mentioned earlier, we’re just trying to control the variables which can be controlled. Doing conventional with no touch and go is controllable as long as everyone is honest.

Those reps aren’t as bouncy as I was thinking because I see guys in my gym who look like they’re spiking the barbell. But it’s still not from a dead stop. But also super impressive.

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone in my gym repping 4 plates that many times

You guys are fucking crazy. ALL OF YOU.


Because training that way won’t do much for strength for me but WILL piss off my duplex mates since I deadlift at 0500, which is another reason I avoid deadstop.

EDIT: I also think you considering my gameplan of deadlifting 308 for 40 reps the “easy way out” pretty funny, haha. I definitely think that multiple sets of small reps would be way easier than 1 gigantic set of as many reps as possible.


You guys are over complicating this, just do 1 set of 20 reps @ 1000lbs. Beltless mixed hook grip.


I would… but he said no sumo.


What do you mean by conventional?