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How Far Would You Go...

…to get to a great gym?

I live around 25 minutes from a top (for UK) university. The gym there has 9 lifting platforms! and hopefully someone who can assist me in o lifting and power lifting.

It has a problem though. lots of the English elite athletes use it and you cant use it at certain times of the day which will play a bit of havoc with my sessions, but i figure i can pay and train elsewhere if i need to.

is that too far? how far do some of you guys go. the US is different that way (in placement of facilities).

Or does this make you jealous!

i will post a pic when i start.

That sounds pretty sweet. I think it’d be worth it to try it for a bit at least.

After I moved the last time I tried to continue going to my old gym (not because of anything special about the gym) but it was too much of a pain with the new commute and I found myself not going as often as I liked.

My new gym (which there’s also nothing special about) is close enough that I can workout in the morning and still have time to go home, clean up and have breakfast and almost be on time for work. =)

My opinion: as long as you look forward to your workouts, it doesn’t really matter. Having platforms won’t do you any good if the hour of commuting makes you dread going in the first place.

I’m in a bit of a similar situation - Since I just don’t feel like I’m in enough debt, next fall I’m going back to school and, assuming the campus has a decent setup - I haven’t taken the tour yet, I’m torn as to whether or not I should keep my local gym membership or just use my new school’s gym.
School gym = free and convienient on days I’m at school
Current gym = not free but convienient everyday

You could always try telling the manager of your current gym that unless they get some platforms you’ll start doing your O-lifts on the nice hardwood floor in the 5000 sq. ft aerobics studio. =)

I’d go. I’m looking for a gym with more power racks than machines. Search so far: Unsuccessful.

[quote]miniross wrote:
…to get to a great gym?

I live around 25 minutes from a top (for UK) university. The gym there has 9 lifting platforms! and hopefully someone who can assist me in o lifting and power lifting.
That’s not far, IMHO. I’ve traveled MUCH longer in the past, but train at home now.

THAT is NOT a problem, if you get my drift.

THAT could be a problem, but worth it if you have a nice place and experienced lifters around even when you are there.



i think thats your log.

Good point. One of my aims is to et better at O lifting, maybe get to a point where i can compete.

In the uk as it is so niche i reckon with 5 years lifting there could be an international commonwealth calling out there.

having other athletes that are there out of the specific times will be a resource of advice and information.

in reality, i can go during work times, and if you include the weekends then i will manage it. i will try for a few months, maybe get some coaching and go from there.

i will ty to get some pictures…it’s pretty big. There is even an indoors sprint track upstairs, and a netted area for med ball throwing.

I travel about 40 miles roundtrip. Usually, 4 times/WK.

Are you talking about powerbase on Loughborough campus?

I’ve always taken convenience over anything else. If I have the equipment in my house (backyard) I know I’ll use it regularly. If I have to travel 25 miles that’s just one more reason to skip it.

25 minutes is not bad. It takes me about 20 each way 3 to 4 times a week and on Saturdays I go and train Strongman and it takes me about about an hour each way. You should go there a few times to see if it is worth it to you. The environment alone may be worth the trip.

I agree with ZEB. My gym used to be 1 block from my house, a smaller one, but a gym nonetheless. However, they went out of business and now I have to drive about 3 miles and I hate it. No, I’m not lazy, I just look at it as an inconvenience.

Some other guy on a recent thread was talking about how he drove 90 minutes round trip to his gym. That is fuckin’ crazy!!


when i was in highschool, me and two other friends used to drive 30-35 min to a gym three to four times a week. one of the friends dad owned it. the same two friends also worked there, and i worked there probably five times total.

i got in a fight there one time too, whopped some huge kids ass. he had about two inches and fifty pounds on me. and then he got his membership canceled for starting it with me. i guess the kid was an ass and it was the straw that broke the camels back though.

i would drive 40 min. one way, given the perfect gym. but were talking perfect gym. mostly everything you need, and what they dont can surely be worked out.

atmosphere feeling is crucial too. i swear, just walking into that gym used to make me stronger.

[quote]neil80 wrote:
Are you talking about powerbase on Loughborough campus?[/quote]

Yes, i am…do you train there?

Do what you must at the university. Do everything else at home.


25 minutes is nothing. I would question your motivation to lift if that is a significant obstacle for you. The gym I lift at is close to my house, but the place I got to for Muay Thai is about a 25 minute drive and it has never been a problem. In fact the ride gives me a chance to play some music and get pumped.

Convenience above all else. Otherwise it becomes too easy to miss sessions.

Theres lots of varying opinions here.

i think all of the points here are valid. the difference for me is that i am sacrificing a 5 minute run to the gym (drive…i never run!) for a 30 min one based on oppotunity to get into a sport. i could in theory do that more locally, but i am going to give “powerbase” a go with its lurvely kit. The place is 400 sq meters, and i will post some shots when i get a camera down there.