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How Far Will Training Take Me?


I am 19, 5'4" with a vertical jump of 14 inches. I have recently joined a gym and taken up Dr.Squat's vertical jump program. But something bothers me, will I be able to strengthen myself to the point where I can dunk a basketball? It's always been my dream and it's the only reason why I decided to join a gym. Can you guys help me answer my question?


I can't say for sure, and I don't think anyone could say yes or no. Theres no way to tell how much you will improve. Your vertical has alot of potential to grow if you work it right. Alot of things are needed to gain inches on your vert. Some of them are, Squats, jump squats, strong strong hamstrings, pylometrics, as well as other methods. Look at your weak points and build them up, once a weak area has caught up pick another weak point.


Kelly Baggett took his vertical leap from 23 to 42 inches over a several year period. He is 5'7" and can dunk easily.

So, the answer to your question is yes, but it will take years of commitment, dedication and effort.

Check out the vertical jump bible, written by Kelly Baggett. It's great!


Getting the right technique will help you tons on top of power/strength gains. Look around some gymnastics sites about "blocking".


If you work hard enough, you can do anything.


It will take you as far as you allow/make it. Its going to take dedication, commitment and being consistant.

No one can tell you how far and Id hate to set a limit. aim high higher than you may be able to reach and dont fucking stop till you get there even if the big dirt nap comes first at least you were doing it.


Exactly - I think you've got a great goal. Even if you're 80 and still haven't dunked, but you are still training intelligently to dunk, you're going to be one satisfified MFer.


consider olympic lifting. just learning how (couple months of light technique practice) took me from like a 12" standing to 15" note: I transformed alot of my weight from fat to muscle in that period also. I now weigh 215.

plyometrics should be the last on your list. you need to have strong muscles, and especially strong joints to benefit without getting nagging little injuries. Just my experience, plus some good advice I took.


Plyometrics is a bastardized term. Depth jumps and shock jumps should be avoided until you have gained adequate strength. However, simple "reactive" exercises such as power skipping or box jumps are okay.