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How Far Will AAS Go?


Do you guys remember what your first cycle was like? I do. I couldnt wait to get all my gear together and start my venture into a new realm. As I look back and realize how inexperienced I was as well too eager, I still feel nostalgic about those first big gains.

On my first legite AAS cycle, I gained a good 12 pounds of lean muscle and kept my already lean physique at nderedaround 6% BF. I blew up like a weed. My shoulders, arms, and chest increased tremendously. I got stretch marks all across my anterior deltoids that I wear proudly to this day.

But as time went by, my gains were not as big; even though I increased my dosages and caloric intake each time, I never quite got as big as that first round. I am currently studying for my masters in sports medicine and just wondered as I was reading about the endocrine system, what you guys think.

Why is it that you cant keep gaining 12-18 pounds everytime you do a cycle? Why wont the endocrine system let you keep gaining the same amount of muscle each time you cycle? There has to be a limit that the endocrine system will allow in terms of testosterone and GH output. If this was not the case, then pro bodybuilders would gain 30-40 pounds of new muscle a year. Let me know what you think.


Its mind boggling that the body will let you turn into a 1000lb fat peice of shit, but not into 1000lbs of muscle.


Great point. I would really like to see a 1000lb man of solid muscle. Should be able to bench and squat close to 3000, curl 500. Scary to think, just some guy carrying 3 refrigerators into your house. Or grabing your motorcycle and running off with it in his arms.


Never thought of that. great post.


Well, it also comes down to biochemistry and metabolic needs. Muscle is metabolically inefficient! The body would much rather store fat or glycogen because it can pull upon these energy sources later (which is why the body will let you turn into a fat fucking pig and not a monster). Muscle is useless, unless it is evolutionarily advantagous for you to have lot of muscle either for survival or mating purposes.
So, since we are mainly sedentary these days (we dont' have to go out and chase down our food with a sharpened stick or bow and arrow) there is no need for muscle. We have to DRIVE our bodies into a muscle building state, in order for them to adapt to that conditioning.

SO I think that the use of steroids helps to put the body in a better biochemical situation, but the body is highly adaptive and will change with the addition of steroids. And it will change in the direction of getting rid of that muscle. Also, I think that studies show that the use of steroids forever changed the chemistry of the body. I dont' know the study off hand, and I don't remember where I read it, but I think that the use of steroids permanently changes the potential for muscle growth as well ... with the increase in androgen receptors and satellite cell formation. But, this increased potential makes for increased doses, and maybe, possibily, an increase negative response to muscle growth to bring the body back to evolutionary needs. But I don't know what I am talking about.