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How Far Should I Push?


I hope this is the right place to post this.
I have been using the WS4SB program for about a month, and have been lifting weights for about 10 weeks now. I have not lifted weights in about 3 years before this. Getting to the point. I started at the end of March with a 215 Max Bench and a 250 Max Squat.

Last Wednesday, I Box Squatted 365 and I benched 285 today. These were good reps, I had someone watching my form and didn't bounce the weight. I wanted to know if i should continue the same movements until I plateau or should I deload before this happens. I have gained at least an inch on every body part and dropped about 1.5% body fat during this time.

PS. Sorry for rambling


After three years off from training, you're a kinda beginner, at least for what concern the gains you can get. So far, you're just learning again movement patterns, so stick with the same exercises until you hit a plateau; then, switch to some other exercises.


Since you're a beginner, you want to keep with the same movement patterns for a persistent period of time, but remember that the Westside format is a conjugated format. A "persistent" microcycle would be something like 4-5 weeks. That's a long time go with the same max effort/dynamic effort exercises, even though you'd still be making gains.. you'd probably want to switch to a different exercise after 3 weeks unless you just really love those exercises.


you're strong enough to post in either BB or SS depending on your goals. I would recommend 5/3/1 by jim wendler. It has a planned deload every 4th week. You aren't going to find much information pertaining to people who have made progress here.


Keep up with these lifts until they stop working for you- that is, until you stop making significant gains in them. There is no point in changing your workout if you are still seeing results.

That said, think about a deload week (if you really have only been working out for 10 weeks and you took three years off prior and you are worried about pushing it too far). Generally speaking, a de-load week will happen once every 4-5 weeks. The simplest way to do it is to essentially cut your volume in half.

Example: The past 10 weeks you have been doing 6 sets x 5 for squat. During your deload week you would do 3sets x 5.

It will allow you to continue training while still getting some rest that you might need.


I've read some articles by Jim Wendler on EliteFTS.com. I liked the content. I just hate to change programs when I have been doing this one for such a short time. Plus I have seen a lot of progress in a very short time. After six weeks of basically doing exploratory training, I was still only pushing about 225 or 230 and my squats hadn't really improved much either. Most of the gains I have made have been in the last 4 weeks. I really had no idea that I would be approaching the 300/400 - bench/squat in just 3 months of lifting.

I will definitely take a look at the 5/3/1 program. I am new to power lifting styles of lifting. I have always done a ton of BB hypertrophy type stuff in the past. I think I will start with new core lifts next week. Maybe board presses and Dead lift or good mornings.

Thanks for the help