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How Far Do I Inject?

Hey guys, I am starting my first cycle of Test E soon and have all the gear and equipment ready to go. There doesn’t seem to be much information online about how far you should inject into the buttock, only where to inject. I am using 30mm (1.25 inch) blue needles for injection and was just wondering how far in I should push the needle before injecting the gear. I am a fairly skinny guy, 168cm tall (5 foot 5 inches) tall and 68 kg (150 lbs) in weight.

Any information would be helpful, thanks.

If it’s 1 1/2” then push it in 1 1/2”. Get the whole needle in, but don’t push too hard. Also don’t wiggle it once it’s in. And push the plunger slowly. It’s easy after you get the hang of it, but those first few times it can be pretty unnerving.

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What iron said.

There is no need to jab it hard once it’s in. If there is a little needle still showing that’s fine. Especially with w 1.25 inch needle. I use 1 inch needles and they do the trick fine

It takes some time to get used

If you inject into quads split it into both legs

That reduces pip seriously

+1 All the way in. Get that deep inside your ass.

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And leave it in until every last drop of that sweet, sweet juice is drained.


Thanks guys, did my first pin today, all the way in, no pain whatsoever. Cheers.

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