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How Far Can You Walk?




60 meters.

the problem is that you can't see the cursor, and when it goes above his head or below his feet he can't be controlled.


73 meters.... practice (college) made perfect


I got 45 meters. It sucks that you can't see the cursor.


76 metres, but took me 15 mins !!


76 meters on my 3rd try!!! If you continuallly move the mouse back and forth it makes it easier!!!.....Note..it doesnt make it easiers if youare drunk also!!!


So there's no cancelling-out effect?


BTW, who is that in your avatar?


Wow, I suck ass at that. I tried it three times. First time I got 3m, second time I got 6m, and the third time I got 20m. That guy fully represents how worthless I am as a drunk.