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how far can you go in mass gain using something as mag-10

I have already done two cycles with mag-10 and really excited about the results, I have no doubt that it really works, but I wonder how far one can grow using mag-10. is there anyone here that has done many cycles and is still getting results.



What results have u recieved in the 2 mag cycles? Pound increases in squat, bench, deadlift? Actual Weight gain?

I did not keep track, but i could handle more weights. I have been working out for 2 1/2 months after a 14 year break(i am 34), so I am not lifting heavy weights compared to you guys. I am working out at my home so now is becoming more difficult.

I started in january 1st with 159lbs and now my weight is 183. mag 10 helped me gain around 16 lbs, since I had gained some weight before using mag-10.I also got my arms from 15 to 16 inches.I am pretty happy and hoping to make more gains when i do another mag-10 cycle in a month or so.