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How Effective is SERM only PCT?

I need to rethink my PCT. I was planning on doing the stasis taper. I’m 9 weeks into what’s supposed to be a 500mg/week T only first time cycle. I’ve come to the conclusion that my UG gear is real Test, but no where near the 300mg/ml that is claimed on the label.

My reasons for thinking this are: I have been waking up with wood every morning and have a more positive attitude in general, but that’s about it. What I have not experienced are any noticeable strength or size gains, no improvement on recovery, no increase in appetite or libido, but also no insomnia, elevated BP, bad acne, etc. It really seems to be more of an HRT dose.

At this point I believe there’s no way to enter a proper statis period due to not knowing the actual concentration of the gear I’m using. So I’m not really sure how to proceed. Is a SERM only PCT adequate to get the HPTA working again? I have Nolva on hand; it was originally to use in case of E2 problems but I got some Anastrozole and have been using that instead. I’d run some HCG if I could but I don’t have any and I’m really hesitant about going back to the guy who sold me the gear. Thanks.

I’ve only done the stasis/taper (twice), so I have nothing to compare it to. I can say that, though, from reading the posts on this site alone, from those that have tried both, the stasis/taper makes for a much smoother transition to homeostasis. Statements to the effect of “I wish I knew about the stasis on my first cycle,” come to mind.

If you’ve concluded that your gear is real, and you’ve enough to complete the stasis/taper, why not go that route? Even if underdosed, you still should reap the benefit of the slow and steady recovery that is provided by the stasis/taper.

I like a combination of both.

I know that one of the main points of the original stasis/taper was to achieve homeostasis with compounds that your body produces naturally (ie NOT tamoxifen).

However, experience has taught me that 20mg tamoxifen throughout the stasis, tapering the tam dose during the actual test taper itself provides the best recovery for me.

I agree, the stasis/taper is the best way to go, at least from what I’ve read on here. Maybe I’m over thinking this. My concern is how to hit the 100mg/week for the stasis period. But maybe running at a consistent lower level for the recommended 5 weeks is more important than the actual amount of test one uses during that period?

I am in my serm pct using only nolva
and only thing is my balls are sore but i have no ill effects
still wood-a-plenty
slight drop in energy and mood but nothing drastic.

I have never done a taper so I cant compair but I would say my pct is fine

I have lost in a week about 9 pounds.
that is I beleive the water I added on

and you can enter to the taper if you want

what you do is you guestimate your dose like what you did with your cycle.
now you want to be accurate with the dose as much as possible but in your case you do not know the concertration you do know that you were taking whatever ml
like 1ml or 2 ml whatever

so if it says 300mg/ml then you 1/3 a ml for 100mg even if its not it dosent mater because you will be tapering down from there after the stasis untill you inject 0ml

you see what I am saying.
I think I confused my damn self haha

Nich, I got what you’re saying. I never actually upped the dose since it’s a first cycle for me I was a little worried about doing that. In hind sight I should have, but yeah well. I know better for next time.

I’m going to take a shot at the stasis/taper and I’ll throw in the Nolva as per Dave’s suggestion. Thanks guys.