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How Effective is Saw Palmetto Extract as an Anti Estrogen?


I'm just curious if anyone knows. I know a few guys who take it that can't get an Rx for a good anti e. Anyone have any thoughts? I know it's "natural" but I figured you guys would know best.



Let me be the first to say that Saw Palmetto is a DAMN good anti-estrogen!! I know from personal experience. I even gave it to a friend of mine, who's usually a very nice guy.. he became a total asshole! I told him -- "No more Saw Palmetto for this man!" Very surprising.. also makes me more aggressive. I was taking the liquid form.. 15 drops 3x a day.. have no idea how much that adds up to.


I think most experts now say that saw paletto is worthless, but I can't recall the details. Do a search at T-mag.


There has been some debate that it may raise estrogen. Propecia can raise estrogen hence the cases of gyno reported from taking it. Saw Palmetto works with the same mechanism as a DHT blocker. Someone pointed out that DHT helps to regulate estrogen so by taking something to block DHT, you may be raising estrogen. I think it is worthless as an estrogen blocker.


TEK, I also recall that article... but I just can't find it on t-mag! I've tried the search function too. Can anyone tell me which article this is? In any case, I've proved Saw Palmetto to myself, as we all know studies come and go.


It was in a previous article here is an excerp from it the link is http://www.testosterone.net/articles/171estro.html : What About Saw Palmetto?
For years, most of us in either the life extensionist camp or the physique enhancement camp have touted saw palmetto extract as a weapon against prostate growth. Saw palmetto either blocked DHT from binding to receptor sites, or it somehow limited 5-alpha-reductase (the enzyme responsible for turning T into E) activity.

Trouble is, the largest review of the subject ever undertaken found that neither of the mechanisms "has ever been demonstrated convincingly to be operative in vivo at therapeutic doses."(6)

What they did find, however, was that the substance had some value in treating patients with lower urinary tract symptoms that suggested prostatic obstruction. That means that saw palmetto might just allow men with BPH to pee easier, while not directly affecting the prostate’s size in any way.

Even if saw palmetto is, at some point, vindicated, it doesn’t address what may turn out to be the true problem — estrogen.


So it didn't say saw palmetto caused estrogen? Just that estrogen was likely the cause of prostate problems? Look.. I feel much more aggressive when on Saw Palmetto -- hasn't anybody else ever seen this? Or perhaps weren't taking a high enough dose?


It's very unlikely that Saw Palmetto would cause a noticeable difference in aggression. I've taken SP in the past and noticed nothing (was taking it to block DHT for hair as reccomended by Dan Duchaine). In fact, I think it slowed my gains in the gym. I've experimented with clomid only cylces in the past to and also noticed very little in terms of physical or mental effects. If taking a drug to block estrogen does nothing (and this has been discussed on the drug board) then why would taking a herb do anything? And if it turns out that SP increase estrogen not block it as I think is possible......
Who knows maybe Biotests new product M will have some hope in this area but I think right now, there is no drug or herb on the market that will cause any noticeable effects whether they be physical, aggression, etc.


Nah I’m convinced it does. I had no prior knowledge or rumor of it creating any kind of aggression. Within the first day of taking it I noticed something was up. I was not just more aggressive I am WAY more aggressive. It’s only day two for me. Same feeling today as well. I’m taking 500 MG extract and blend. Its all in one capsule. Just once a day. I’m doing it as a dht blocker. My tone of voice is changing as well. I’m a server and I no longer have a soft greet with customers. My conclusion for the dosage that I’m taking is that yes it is definitely causing the aggression and I’m not sure why.


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