How effective is Mag 10 & recommened stacks

I was wondering if anyone has used Mag-10 either alone or in the recommended muscle building stack and what results were achieved. Also I am interested in the profile of the users of this product and how does the users profile affect the product’s effectiveness.

Look up the MAG-10 Support Group threads for feedback, which has been very good. What do you mean by profile?

What I meant by profile is the level of development of the lifters using it. Specifically I was wondering if it works better for those just getting into body building or those who have been doing it a long time. Similarly, I am interested in knowing if it works better for those who have never used a prosteriod or if it does not make any difference. What types of people and what level of trainig will this product do the most for (excepting the obvious i.e. intensity of training etc.).