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How Effective are Complexes for Fat Loss?


Been reading on them, esp. the Dan John stuff, and was thinking of using them along with kettlebell swings and walks with the wife each evening to help with fat loss and conditioning.


They are as effective as your diet allows them to be.


With diet in place, i find them pretty effective.


Outstanding guys, thanks!


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I think if someone were to do them 3 times a week, with the other 4 days being 30 to 60 mins of walking, and a cleaner diet, that would be great.


by the way......I should do that very thing myself.




BARBELL Complexes will get me to puke faster than the prowler. True story.


I've always found barbell complexes to be one of the most useful and versatile items to work into a training program. I enjoy them as a warm up, conditioning workout, and even help me stay loose seeing as I incorporate the main movements I normally do in the weight room into them. Alwyn Cosgrove's 8 movement complex is a personal favorite.


I just published an eBook on Complex Training/Metabolic Conditioning. If you are interested in using kettlebells for them here is a video I put together of a 20-minute kettlebell complex you can give a go. If your diet is in check, this type of training leads to an incredible amount of systemic fatigue and yields phenomenal fat loss results.


My clients have been getting decent results in terms of metabolic and cardiovascular advancement using barbell complexes. Its a good test of intensity to make sure your folks are really giving their training their 100% as well.

Obviously, diet is important for fat loss.