How Easy is It to Transfer Prescription to New Doctor?

Started trt a little over a month ago. Been prescribed 200 mg of test a week. Got word today that the primary care doctor over the clinic I’m going to is leaving. Which means that more than likely my insurance will no longer cover my visits and meds at my current place. With that said, will it be easy for me to transfer to another doctor and they just keep prescribing the 200 mg?

If that isn’t easy to do then what’s the process like to switch to defy? Will I have to come off completely to do defy’s labs?

No, at best you can take your labs and he can prescribe based on that. Otherwise he will order labs and follow his guidelines.

They can order labs while on your current prescription and go from there, either continue as you have been or adjust it as he/she sees fit.

I think you are saying switch drs now so there isn’t a lag?

It will be easy provided the new doctor agrees with the treatment. They may want to see recent labs before continuing with your current prescription.

Do your research on your Dr before you commit to them. Ask other people you may know who are on trt about their Dr. Some are liberal with their treatment plans and some are not. Remember, they work for you. I had a Dr who was very conservative to the point that he micromanaged my scripts to keep me at 100 mg per week although through my own experiment I felt much better at 150-200.
I fired him and moved to a new one that some guys at my gym recommended and he is very liberal. I told I wanted 200mg per week. Done. He even suggested other items that may help such as deca and some peptides, which I haven’t taken him up on yet but the peptides look promising. Deca dick scares the hell out of me since I’m 60 and with cialis my tool works very well so I don’t want to risk that.

You can use labs do new in the last 90 days, the process to switch over to Defy is easier than you think. You will not have to start androgen deprivation therapy, this is how the sick care systems works, any excuse to get you off of TRT.

You are paying for treatment and are able to side step all the BS by cutting the insurance companies out of the loop. You are paying for treatment and the survivability of these anti-aging clinics depends on providing a positive health outcome, otherwise these clinics will flounder.

Nandrolone seems to really help the joints and more for older guys, obviously. The rap of “deca dick” is leftover from the anabolic steroid days when guys were stacking several orals with deca. Adding testosterone to the mix mid cycle seemed to alleviate that side effect. I know some guys on TRT who have used nandrolone and none have had any issues with nandrolone. I suspect it is more of a problem with the PED guys running to supraphysiological levels of everything they take.