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How Drunk to Get at My Own Stag Party?

Ok so I’m not much for having a govenor when it comes to nights where I put no limit on the amount of drinking I do. Now don’t get me wrong, I am going to hurt myself, but would it be considered a wuss out if I tried to time it so I went out at like 2 or 3 in the AM instead of the horror stories I hear of people passing out by 10:00.

Also I don’t want to pass out and have my friends barely drunk and bored so they start messing with my passed out ass like writing on me and shit. Can I drink reasonably till like 10:00 or 11:00 and then throw on the after burners without beiong a party pooper wussbag?


I would say to just not time anything and drink with your friends

Eat a big greasy meal before you go out, and early on keep it slow and stagger your drinks with Red Bull or something.

At least, that’s what I’d do if I had that kind of self-discipline.

[quote]JonBlood wrote:
I would say to just not time anything and drink with your friends[/quote]

Let me add in that my friends are of the type who view the stag party as as sending off to the pits of hell. So therefore they look to punish you for obviously if you are off to the pits of hell, you have been a bad boy. The punishment of choice is the rotary shot. This is applied by each good friend taking the punished to the bar by themselves and doing a shot with him. So say 10 good friends partake in this ring of torture, the punished will end up doing 10 shots to each of the friends 1 shot. To deny the friend a “farewell” shot is akin to kicking him in the nuts. The only countermeasure the punished has is to quickly grab other friends along the way to the bar and get them to do shots also, this will lessen the chance they will want to do a solo shot with the punished, but it’s not foolproof.


I don’t know what a stag party is, but I sure as fuck know what stupid ritual drinking games are.

Tell your friends to fuck themselves and get over it quick, because you’re going to drink however much you want and they ain’t got shit to say about it.

I’ve almost been arrested numerous times as a result of taking shots, “Because I had to because someone bought it for my birthday/my promotion/my whatever.”

Remember though that those same motherfucker aren’t going to pay your bail or lawyer fees if you do something really stupid when you’re that drunk.

The rotary shots sound rough. Just pace yourself and drink water. Once you can’t stand or see straight, you know its time to chill.

Its a bachelor party. Get toasted just stay on this side of black out/pass out as long as you can. Then plot revenge.

Might I suggest a drinking game for the whole family?