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How Drugs Affect Gains

Hi all, I was wondering if taking antiinflamatories or any kind of pain killers may affect my gains or the way the body responds to that day’s workout, muscle recovery, or hypertrophy.




i do believe that anti-inflammatorys do decrease muscle gains, but can’t remember where i read it. i’m sure someone else can help out on that…

of course, if you can’t work out because of chronic pain, you’re better off taking them and still working out…

I have read as well, that taking ibu or acet. can inhibit your recovery. Not sure of the mechanism involved. Ice if you can or just do a different exercise.
Best of luck.

NSAIDs can inhibit recovery from what I have read. Apaently they ease the pain but inhibit the joints ability to heal. When I had tendonittis in both elbows I used ice, streching, massage, glucosomine/chondroiton and MSM.

If its bad go see your doctor, I would recommend you find a doc that has experince dealing with athletes. Those who never have sometimes cant relate and will tell you to take up walking. Very frustrating.

One with experience can help, Also guys on here seem to speak highly of ART but I dont know much about it.

Yes. I’ve heard much about NSAIDs having a negative effect on muscle gains. Fortunately, I really don’t need to take them. But I do get occasional insomnia. Anybody know of something like Tylenol PM, which consists of Acetaminophen and Diphenhydramine, having a similar effect? I haven’t heard anything about it.

Cy just wrote about NSAIDs today in his CyBorg column.