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How Does Your Lifting Session Take?

Mine are usually 30-40 mins, I would say closer to 30 most of the time.

Just curious how long it takes others.

I know I see some guys at the gym, and they’ll do weights literally for 2 hrs. Now, I know that is a lot of BSing and stuff, I just can’t imagine spending 2 hrs lifting weights.

Sometimes I burn out after 40min, depending on intensity I’ll usually go 60min.

(For about 20 sets total.)

until i get my lifts done :P. usually around an hour

Tonight… about 3 hours. Not optimal, but it gets me and a couple others through the workout. That does also include some BS time and some cooldown times. I tend to overheat if I’m not careful.

It’s about an hour and 15 minute total round trip from the time I get in my car to goto the gym to the time I get in my car to go home. I tend to spend ~40-50 minutes lifting weights. Some days I stay longer to play basketball, rarely do I stay less.

Progress has been good in all areas, so it’s working alright for me.

The only times I have ever spent 2 hours lifting weights were when I was basically just dicking around. Doing lots of different exercises with light-medium weights, experimenting with new movements, not doing any maximal effort lifts, and not doing any heavy squats or deads.

Also, if I am with someone(especially someone who has never worked out with me before) working sets with them will take longer.

I can’t imagine actually going full bore for 2 hours though, there would be a heck of a lot of down time if I did.

Its takes me usually 45 mins to an hour to finish my entire session.

Usually around 45-60 minutes. Leg day is around and hour twenty. I don’t burnout on legs I just keep on beatin em. If I add cardio in I’m out of there in an hour and a half. I really don’t burnout.

60-75 minutes with 60-70 second rest between sets

i also don’t burnout, i just get limited by real life (only so many hours available after work with other stuff to do like make food) and actually get more energized as the workout progresses right until the end

30 minutes max, but i feel like throwing up every session. i go real hard, not real long.

i train for endurance or hypertrophy since i’ve achieved all the strength i really need for my job

90 mins… i trained for 45-60mins for YEARS because of the overtraining theory, when i realised i could train more than 1 hour 3x a week, my body changed a great deal.

So now it is usually 5x a week for 1hr20-1hr40 plus cardio.


Anywhere from 45 min to an hour and 15 depending on if I’m hitting 1 or 2 bodyparts, if I’m training with my usual 1 partner, or 2, and if we’re hitting heavy weights for fewer reps (more rest), or medium weights for T.U.T.

I usually pop some BCAAs if I’m there over an hour as a safety though.


Normally about an hour, 'till I drop.

But I have to say that when I’m on Beta-7 (no, I’m not on commission :slight_smile: ), I can, and do, go for longer (more sets/longer sets/more exercises whatever). 1hour20+

no less than 20 mins…no more than an hour

I used to be in and out in 30-45 minutes , but now I usually stay there for 1 and a half hours to 2 hours. I felt way too rushed , and now that I take everything slowly , my workouts have improved. Plus , it takes me 30 minutes to foam roll and an additional 15 to warm up.

About 60-75 minutes on average, also drinking a BCAA + Crystal light concoction through out the sessions.

60-75 minutes.

I try to get 16 working sets in 40 minutes.

about two hours

1 hour tops… In and out… no talking, no watching the TV, no socializing…

60 minutes with 90 seconds rest between sets and 2-3 minutes rest between workouts.