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How Does this Testosterone Level Look ?


I did not realize I had complained in 2006 and had my T tested.

I think it looks ok, and should have requested my T results in 2009 when the outfit said I had 'low T' and started selling me TRT while I was getting some HGH for my neck ( C-2, C-5 degeneration ).

% FREE 2.5 2.0-4.8%
TESTOSTERONE TOTAL 625 240-950 ng/dL


If you are now on TRT these numbers are meaningless. If not, you look pretty good.


These are pre-TRT numbers 2006. So it is a snapshot of me naturally. Now I am 47 not 42 but I think it suggests my notion of PCT to get off TRT and measuring 8 weeks later to see where I am really at is worthwhile before committing to life on TRT.


Were you using hCG to support the testes?


Why did a doctor prescribe you testosterone when you weren't hypogonadal?

A value in the 600s is mid NORMAL.



Because it was a cash-cow anti-aging clinic. I needed the HGH and it fixed my neck, I was told the TRT might help with Ulcerative Colitis and it sure seemed to...for a while. Many times I am prescribed very high doses of the catabolic steroid prednisone therefore I was believing that the course of treatment had shut me down. My UC diagnosis came just months after this lab test in 2006, I was stunned to find it - probably because it was a non-event when the results came back to me from my GP.

Also post-divorce in 2007 I took oral test for 30 days until I could not stand the aching balls any longer. The PCT was over the counter junk that did nothing, life sucked for months after that. Now I understand what PCT is and when I came across the lab results I immediately recognized what it was and felt is was 'not bad'. Responses here seem to agree.

To really know the truth I need to go off TRT for a while and find out.


No this is pre-TRT I did not know anything about HCG,TRT etc I was just trying to figure out where my sex drive went and only recently found this lab result. I vaguely remember asking for it.


Once again the numbers posted at the top are 2006 PRE-TRT that I recently came across.

The following information is 5 years later and from blood drawn last friday.

Wow fresh labs after a month on creme. I had started triple dosing the creme as I noticed I rarely need to shave again.

Testosterone, Serum 688 ng/dL 249-836 01
Free Testosterone(Direct) 15.4 pg/mL 6.8-21.5 02
Estradiol 11.7 pg/mL 7.6-42.6 01

I have about 50 other measurements I am sorting thru, but it seems clear I do NOT need anastrozole while on the cream. I sensed it and stopped a week ago so hopefully the E2 is rising. I certainly must be rising as I went back on injections after getting nearly off warfarin.


Reduce anastrozole dose by a factor of 11.7/22


Thanks KSman, I think what I will do is return to 200mg per week and about the same anastrozole now that I am back on injections, put some weight back on now that I am nearly off blood thinners ( reduced by 67% for 2 more months ) and then check E2 again in one month and consider PCT and see if I can get back to those 2006 numbers naturally to finally answer the question 'Do I really need to be on TRT'. If the answer is YES then I will hop back on knowing this is for LIFE.


This is interesting. How did trt help with your UC? I have Crohn's and am wondering the mechanism in which it helps? His scenario also presents some questions that I have, so hopefully KSman and others will chime in.

1) His TT looks decent but free seems low. this is the same with me. What do you do in this scenario? Most docs would look at the 600+ number and do nothing. But how would he feel different if his free numbers were in the upper range? How do you go about it?

2) At what point do you "somewhat" ignore the numbers and focus on the symptoms? I had one lab number in the 600 range, but all my symptoms point to being hypo?


Right I noticed the low Free-T as well and that is part of my reason to return to injections which had been as high as 300mg per week but will just go with 200mg per week. By exiting with some PCT and allowing a shakeout period I can get the proper tests to learn if I am hypo etc.

The T seems to help my UC and I found research that T suppresses the immune system a little bit especially t-cells. I have been able to shutdown UC but then go back to eating too much processed food, not taking probiotics etc and wind up flaring. I am graphing all the data and it seems my problem is dehydration late summer in a dry mountain climate. Meanwhile spinach and sunflower seeds, psyllium seed powder ( not husk ), protein, coconut milk, l-glutamine and VSL#3 all help. 6 months since the last flare and that was not easy being on blood thinners.


Anybody have thoughts on my two questions above?


Women have stronger immune systems, and more UC. Men have weaker immune systems and T seems to be responsible for that.

Strongly related:

Women heal faster then men and T is the reason. Healing can involve 10 or more cell types that come to the party and do their job at the right time then leave the building and there are also many local growth factors and inflammatory processes. In vivo studies have shown some of this and in vivo shows that estrogens improve healing processes, T alone slows things down, as well as estrogens plus T. Some research has been done on applying T to wounds, but the there is really very little data.