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How Does This Test, Tren, Dbol Cycle Look?


was wondering if I could get some input on this cycle I am putting together for a friend.

Weeks 1-8
test prop 70mg Each week with ED pins
tren ace 700mg each week with ED pins
adex .25mg 3x a week
caber .5mg 2x a week

weeks 1-6
Drol 50mg 3x a day

3 days after last shot nolva 40/40/20/20/20


Why only 70 mg/week test? Do you intend to have him inject 10 mg/day? This is less than a maintenance dose.


It is not below maintenance dose.

It is to lower the side effects from the Tren ace and the Drol. Keeping the level of aromatizing steroids low will lessen the amount of side effects greatly.

and yes, I intend to have him inject 10mg/day..is that weird?


100 mg/week is considered maintenance for test. Considering he will be shut down, yes I think that is too little. Most test/tren cycles I have seen use 500 mg or so a week, but I cannot comment personally. The AI should counter any sides of the test.


Ok thank you for your input..


I believe he was going more for a TRT dose of test, not looking for any anabolic effect from it. 100mg/week would probably be better though


Any reason you feel that way? Most studies indicate that the young male produces roughly the equivalent to 6-10mg of testosterone a day.

Basically, I am not using the testosterone for the testosterone's sake. I am merely using it to curb the side effects that result from using only non-aromatizable aas.

Tren and Anadrol are both very powerful and effective compounds, and I believe that using testosterone at that dose will allow the user to optimally utilize them with the fewest amount of side effects.

Thank you for your input, keep it coming folks.


only about 70% of the injected ester is actually converted to testosterone that can be used by the body, hence 100 mg/week is considered maintenance. But if he's injecting anyway, why limit the usefullness for the purpose of the cycle? Won't the Adex limit the sides?


Don't worry about it bro


What you are actually saying here is true for Test Cyp/Enth. Given 100 mg of Test C/E, 70 mg is actually test, with the rest being the actual weight of the Ester. So once the ester is stripped away, you are left with about 70 mg of T.

I'm not sure what the weight of the prop ester is, but it would probably be advisable to apply the same math and reasoning so you are left with about 70 mg of actual Test per week. This seems to be a "sweet spot" for bigger guys who lift weights.

I can't see the difference between 70 and 100 mg/week to be too extreme, from a side effects stand point.


If im not mistaken, test prop is 74 percent testosterone..

Any comments on the cycle? Lol the mods still haven't changed it back to the original title..so weird.


I was just thinking it might be better to keep it in the high-normal end. A male might produce 50 to 70mg of test a week, so when you factor in the ester weight and the fact that a small percentage will be lost, you would probably have to inject 100mg+ to accurately replicate natural production. I'm sure it will make absolutely no difference whether he does 70mg/week or 100mg/week lol, but this was just my line of thinking.


test prop is about 83-84% test, so that would be about 58mg of test per week for the cycle you designed as long as the gear isn't underdosed..


Ok good, now that we got that out of the way..

any comments on the cycle itself?


From what I have gathered, one can 'get away' with a much higher dose of tren (i.e 700mg/week) without the typical anxiety attacks and sleeplessness/sweating if test is kept extremely low (i.e 70mg/week). I remember reading this a few times a year or so ago, I've never actually tried it.

I assume this is why Mr. Walkaway is ignoring the recommendations to change the weekly testosterone amount. For this cycle design, the lower the test is, the better.

I can't offer any insight into the cycle design as I haven't ever tried drol or tren. I was hoping you could educate me, tho:
Why would this cycle require anastrazole, given that there will be under 70mg (due to ester weight) of aromatizable steroids per week in the blood, similar to the levels of your average joe who has never lifted?


The purpose of the adex is really to be better safe than sorry.. .25mg 2x a week is really a low dose, and I know that if you let your estrogen get out of control (which you are right in saying that would be difficult at 70mg a week) Drol will punish you for it. Id rather my friend feel a little lethargic and have slight libido issues than suffer more serious side effects.

I pop .25mg of adex every few days and I feel fine (running 70mg of test prop a week).


I have no experience with tren but from my knowledge the cycle looks good.


You are exactly right btw. Good post.

In my experience, running very low test can permit you to run very high tren with very few side effects.


Is there an unspoken rule that one is meant to run test for a few weeks longer than tren, in order to allow the progestin-induced suppression to wear off? Could this cycle benefit from two-four weeks extra testosterone only injections, possibly using it at a tapered dose?

I have never tried the above and can not properly comment


An interesting question.. I wouldnt' call it an unspoken rule at all.

So you are suggesting that instead of letting the tren leave my system with the testosterone...I should run testosterone for 2-4 weeks longer than the tren? That would cause me to be suppressed for roughly 10-12 weeks total.. not exactly what Im going for.