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How Does this Template Look?


How is it going CT?

For the past two weeks I have been going back reading your articles and forum posts on mechanical training, growth factor w/o and maximum clusters.

I have tried few of the examples you have posted on the forums including the growth factors for back, shoulders, and legs. Is there a 6 or 7 day template you would recommend for someone oriented towards bodybuilding and gaining size that utilizes growth factor training and maximum clusters for the chest, back, legs, and shoulders?

Lately I've just been rotating chest,back, and legs, starting my workout with a heavy compound lift for one body part followed by hypertrophy work (mechanical sets) for the body part worked the previous day. (As you recommended in Log 1)

For example:

Dead Lifts 5 x 5 (70-80% workload) or Dead lift max clusters (80-90% workload) with some early eccentric reps for MTOR followed by GF Chest.

Squat 5 x 5 (70%-85% workload) or Squat max clusters (80%-90% workload) with early eccentric MTOR reps followed by GF Back.

A template and some advice would be greatly appreciated.