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How Does This Routine Look?

Alright i red the Christian Thibaudeau article training for newbies and i came up with a routine like this. I am doing the wsfsb routine for my legs because i want to train the legs like an athlete.

1.Incline Bench-4x8-12
2.Flat Bench-4x8-12
3.Flat Db flyes-4x8-12
4.Barbell Curl-3x10
5.Concentration or hammer curl-3x10

Squats-work up to 5 rm
unilateral movement-4x8-15
posterior chain movement-4x8-15
high rep abdominal circuit

Thursday-Back/Calves and a little bit of legs
2.Barbell or Dumbell Row-4x6-12
3.Wide grip lat pulldown-4x8-10
4.Seated Cable row-4x8-10
5.Jump training 8x3 jumps
6.Posterior chain movement-4x8-15

1.Shoulder Press-4x8-12
2.Lateral Raise-4x8-12
3.Rear Laterals-4x8-12
4.Close Grip Bench-4x10-12
6.Weighted abs

I used this table as a guide from his article.
Functional hypertrophy (6-8 reps)
Total hypertrophy (9-12 reps)
Strength-endurance (13-15 reps)

Number of exercises per muscle group

Back: 3-4
Chest: 3
Quadriceps: 3
Hamstrings: 2-3
Deltoids: 2-3
Biceps: 1-2
Triceps: 1-2
Calves: 1-2

Sets per exercise

If performing 6-8 reps: 4-5 sets
If performing 9-12 reps: 3-4 sets
If performing 13-15 reps: 2-3 sets

Rest between sets

6-8 reps = 90-120 seconds
9-12 reps = 60-75 seconds
13-15 reps = 30-45 seconds

All help is welcome

You have 3 rowing exercises (1 vert. 2 horiz.) and 5 pressing exercises (1 vert. and 4 horiz.)
They should be even or skewed the other way if you have some sort of imbalance.

Thursday also looks like it would take a long time.

Keep in mind too the number of sets per muscle group total, as well. You are all over the place.