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How Does This Routine Look?

New year, new routine.

I know everyone is going to tell me to go with Waterbury routine, but I took alot of knowledge from his articles and came up with something my own. I was hoping its up to par. Anyhow, here it is.

Im hoping this helps me gain that extra 10-15lbs over the next few months.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Workout 1:

Squat / Front Squat
Flat Bench / Inc DB Press
BB Row / Seated Cable Row
Seated Calf Raise / Standing Calf Raise

Workout 2:

Deadlift / Power Clean
M Press (behind neck) / Dips
Chin Ups / Pull Ups
Crunches / Leg Raises

Schedule as follows :

Day 1 : Workout 1, 4x6

Day 2 : OFF

Day 3 : Workout 2, 4x6

Day 4 : OFF

Day 5 : Workout 1, 3x10

Day 6 : OFF

Day 7 : Workout 2, 3x10

Day 8 : OFF

Day 9 : REPEAT

Progression :

4x6 days : increase 2.5-5% per week.
3x10 days : keep weight constant, but increase reps ( 3x11, 3x12, etc.) until 3x12, then increase weight 2.5-5% and repeat from 3x10.

I was thinking of rotating exercises every 3-4 cycles and running this until the conclusion of my current bulk in feb-march.

Cardio done either mornings of workout days or afternoon of off days (i train in afternoon) either 15-20 mins HIIT or 30 mins moderate intensity jogging/elliptical twice a week.


worth a try


Only thing I am not liking/sure of is being able to give BOTH say squat and front squat enough attention.
Or DL and Powerclean.

But heck try it.


I just finished Quattro Dynamo and it went well. I also modified the program and made one of my own, maybe you'd like to throw in a strength day there? Just a suggestion cause I'm definitely no pro.

I've got something like this:

Day 1: Strength - 5x3
Day 2: Hypertrophy - 4x6
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Hypertrophy - 3x8
Day 5: Hypertrophy - 10x3
Day 6: Explosive Strength - 6x3
Day 7: Rest

I know it's a bit frequent but I have all the time in the world at the moment...


Thanks for the reply's guys, looks like I thought this one out well.

I was thinking of this at the time, however I thought that the 4x6 parameters were good enough to give me size and strength, and the 3x10 were more for hypertrophy.


Some suggestions for the original poster:

Why not use the "standard" weekly rotation? First week you go 1, 2, 1 on Mon, Wed, Fri and in second week you do 2, 1, 2. 6 day training week seems really awkward to me.

After a while with those parameters (2-3 months in my expirience), you can switch to slightly less volume and more intensity on both days. For instance, 5x3 and 3x8.

Yet another option is to rotate between three different parameters, like 5x3, 4x6 and 3x10. It would then take 6 workouts for a complete cycle, like this:

Week 1
M - Workout 1, 5x3
W - Workout 2, 5x3
F - Workout 1, 3x10

Week 2
M - Workout 2, 3x10
W - Workout 1, 4x6
F - Workout 2, 4x6

You could also try doing Back Squats/Power Cleans on Workout 1 and Front Squats/DL on Workout 2. Maybe you'll have to switch to an "easier" variant of DLing, like RDL.

I had really good progress while doing those kind of workouts and I hope you'll be able to improve a great deal. Just be patient and consistent.


Great ideas, MWF is probably a more practical way to go about it. Im glad to see such positive feedback for this routine.