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How Does This Program Look?


I have just started this new program based on Waterbury's ideas, and because of a second job I work, I cant work out on Friday-Sunday, what do you think?

Monday: 8 sets, 3 reps

A1 Deadlift
A2 Push-press
B1 Skull Crusher
B2 Hammer Curl
C1 Leg Extension
C2 Seated Row

Tuesday: 2 sets, 12 reps

A1 Romanian Deadlift
A2 Tricep pressdown
B1 Bentover Row
B2 Seated Calf Raise
C1 Incline DB Press
C2 Incline DB curl
D1 Reverse crunch
D2 Russian twist

Wednesday: 6 sets, 4 reps
A1 Clean
A2 Tricep overhead press
B1 Pull-up
B2 Leg Curl
C1 Standing BB curl
C2 Front raise

Thursday: 3 sets, 8 reps
A1 Squat
A2 Dips
B1 Lunges
B2 Straight Bar Pressdown
C1 Standing Military press
C2 Hanging Knee Raise

Friday-Sunday: OFF


6 presses 2 pulls need to do something about that


Exactly. Horizontal pulling greater than or equal to horizontal pushing.

Vertical pulling equal to or close to vertical pushing.



Try using a template to set up each workout, which will help you balance the routine. Here is a general template that I use for a total body training session:

A. Lower Body Core lift (try to do 2 quad-dominant movements and 2 posterior-chain dominant movements per week)

B. Lower Body Supplementary (work on weak points, posterior chain emphasis, unilateral work, etc.)

C1. Upper Body Push (Do 2 horizontal movements and 2 vertical movements per week)

C2. Upper Body Pull (Do 2 horizontal movements and 2 vertical movements per week)

D. Accessory 1 (Biceps, triceps, shoulders, forearms, etc.)

E. Accessory 2 (Abs or calves)

F. Accessory 3 (Prehab, rotator cuff, scap work, etc.)