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How Does this Program Look?

I’m training a buddy, after gaining about 15-20+ lbs in about 4 weeks I am planning on switching him from a 3 days week full body (like CW’s total body training)to a 4 day split looking like this:

Leg Press
Ball Leg Curl
Seated Calf
Standing Calf
Tabata Thrusters

Pull Ups
Bent Rows
1 Arm Cable Row w/ Rotation of Thoracic Spine
Dickerson (straight arm pull down)
Face Pulls
Upright Rows
Hop Step Burpees
Ball Planks

Flat BP
Incline DB press
Cable Cross over
Skulls or Over Head Triceps Extension
DB Hammer Curls or Reverse Curls
Hop Step Burpees
Ball Planks

Military Press
Close Grip Bench
DB Lateral raise
DB Front Raise
DB Rear Raise
External / Internal rotation
Tabata Thrusters

*Hop step burpees: you set up 2 things on the ground a couple feet apart

burpee lateral jump over what ever you set up burpee lateral Jump over what ever you set up and back and forth you go for eith time or a set number or reps which I haven’t decided yet.

Week 1: 2 sets of 20 reps, resting 180 secs in between each work set (25 RM)
Week 2: 6 sets of 3 reps, resting 60 secs in between each work set (5 RM)
Week 3: 3 sets of 15 reps, resting 120 secs in between each work set (20 RM)
Weeks 4-6: Repeat adding one more set to each exercise preform lifts antagonist style

Forgot to mention I always have him finish up with planks and tabata exercises anyways. So I know he can handle them hes just moving forward with them.

too many lifts.

4-5 per session tops.

Deadlift or rack pull
chin variation
row variation
face pulls

Flat BP
Incline DB press
cable crossover or flys

leg press
glute hams
leg ext

Military Press
DB Lateral raise
DB Rear Raise
Close Grip Bench
External / Internal rotation

your burpees and tabata shit I’m not even going to touch on. That’s a personal decision for you. I would just combine shoulders/tris with chest and do pull/push/legs.

WAYYYYYYYYYYY too many exercises for each workout.

First of all, some of the exercises I cant even comprehend (like what in the world is a dickerson?)

secondly, some of the exercises aren’t even conductive to bodybuilding (burpees, tabata thrusters and all these other exotic exercises).

If you like total body and like working out 4 days a week, perhaps divide things up a bit more). For example (just an example):

Mon, Thurs:

-Bench press
-Barbell curl

Tues, Fri:

-One arm row
-push press
-close grip bench press

I like this method because it allows you to simply get strong at a select few movements. One day can be devoted to maximal strength, and the other to more moderate reps (like 8-10). And all thats left is to simply get strong at each exercise in each rep range.

Which leads me to my next question…whats your set/rep setup?

To me, simply put, either do a body part split (recommended) or do something like I outlined above.

But for crying out loud what is with the gay exercises? They suck so such. Not bodybuilding exercises you have chosen. Looks more like circus exercises.

From what I can tell it looks a bit overcomplicated for a new bodybuilder. Are you training for any sport?

Also, I would try to split up the deadlift and squat to different days, because my lower back gets very tired after squats and I have trouble maintaining my form on deadlifts or make any significant progress on them. But if you feel can handle it, I’m not one to tell you no.

As long as you can do Tuesday’s workout from a wheelchair you’ll be fine.

Drop the Upright Row.

Switch Tuesday and Thursday, you should not do chest and then shoulders the next day (did you notice you do bench and then the next day closegrip?).

More tricep stuff, you have a bunch for bis and not much for tris. You might reduce number of exercises a little bit overall.

[quote]KrayzieD wrote:
I’m training a buddy, after gaining about 15-20+ lbs in about 4 weeks I am planning on switching him from a 3 days week full body (like CW’s total body training)to a 4 day split looking .[/quote]

Why change him to a new routine if he is making good gains on his current routine? and 15lbs in 4 weeks is crazy good gains even if half of that is muscle, let alone 20+lbs. Are you sure you did the maths right?

i read your first day and stopped. its mas muchas maaaaang. PM if you want to go over something.

Sorry I prob shoulda posted in another forum but didn’t know which one, anyways this isn’t a kid who’s goal is to “get big”. He’s a sky diver and told me he can’t get to big for it, but I can tell he likes it. So in the coming weeks I am gonna to have him going for muscular endurance and strength rather than size. That’s where the Idea of the rep ranges came in the 20 and 15 rep days for endurance and 3 for the strength. “He doesn’t want to get big” but I can tell he likes the feeling of strength, I mean who doesn’t.

Putting deads squats and leg press in the same workout makes me think you are new to this. Which is cool, just get a premade program and stick to it for a while until you figure out which exercises you like and don’t like.

If he’s not interested in building size, then just keep him on 3 full body sessions a week, and tell him to stop eating so much. Its not the training or rep ranges that got him to gain that kind of weight, he had to be eating to gain.

Have him train for strength using normal strength protocals, (1-5 reps, 4-10 sets, longer rest breaks)

AND have him train for endurance using all sorts of rep ranges but shorter rest (5-20 reps, 3-10 sets, 20-40 seconds rest)

If he does that, trains hard, and stops eating to bulk, he’ll be fine.