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How Does This Plan Look Fellas?



Overhead Press 3x5
Front Lat Raise: 3x8
Upright Rows 4x6
Shrugs 3x12


Squats 3x5 ME
Bulgarian Split Squat 3x8
Stiff-Legged Dead lift 3x6


Bench Press 3x3,4x4,or 5x5
Weighted Dips 3x8
Incline DB Bench 4x6
French Press 3x10


Deadlifts 3x3,4x4,or 5x5
Bent Over Row 3x8
Weighted Pullups 4x6
BB Curls 3x6
Preacher Curls 3x10


Were you going to have your split oriented mon, tues, thurs, fri? Your legs may still be quite sore for deadlifts on thursday after leg work on tuesday, as that's only one real day of rest in between. If I were you, I would add in one more pressing lift on shoulders in place of upright rows, but before lat raises and I would move dips to after your bench work and do them more upright to focus more on your triceps. Back day and leg day look good, but what were you planning to do for calves?


You don't have any exercises for rear delts. Maybe add face fulls or bent lateral raises.

Also not sure what your gonna accomplish with 3x3 on the bench press.


It looks like you threw a bunch of random numbers on the screen to see which would stick.


ditch the predetermined sets and reps.


Squats AND Bulgarian splits? If you can do both in one session, you are not doing it right.

Alternate the two.


Thanks for the replies. Yeah I didn't really know what to do for the reps... I just figured 6-8 for assistance and 3-5 for my main lifts. Should I ramp or do static weight for my major lifts? I will always do my big 3 first in the workout and drop bulg. splits from the leg day, too.


If you are a beginner and in need of a routine with complete explanation etc, go to madcow's 5x5 site.

If you think that you do understand lifting well enough (bodybuilding in particular) and common sense is a strong point of yours, check that 3-way I posted in the "ramping or not" thread and/or read "professor X: a request" (thread).


I'd consider myself an intermediate lifter. I did 12 weeks of mad-cows + some Rippetoes before I decided to change to splits and focus on bodybuilding. I did some searching around the site (thanks for the threads) and I see that ramping isn't too bad an idea. I think I will ramp the main lifts at LEAST.


You did 12 weeks of those 5x5 things... What are your lifts like, now?

As for ramping... If you go with my routine (or one based on pX's stuff), then all lifts you want to progress on are ramped.


Maybe I should try a ramp of everything then... I never have. I have ramped main lifts in the past.

And my lifts right now is 255x3 bench, 335x2 squat (if i go parallel a tad higher) and deadlift is 465.

That's another problem I need to deal with...my deadlift is WAY higher than everything else.


Again, depends on the program...

That's normal... Though I guess your squat and bench could indeed be a bit higher. No worries though, just get stronger/bigger overall for now and make sure your technique/setup is right.

Thing is, if you're built for deadlifting (long arms etc), then dls will always be way higher than everything else (even moreso than they normally are).


Yeah. I am 6'3 205. To give you an image of how retarded I am built, I wear a dress shirt size 15/37. Yes, a 37 sleeve on a 15 neck. GAH.