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How Does This PCT Look?


Weeks 1-8 were:
600mg test Cyp
200mg Tren e
0.5mg adex EOD

Weeks 9-10: off

Starting on the 11th week:

Days 1-3: 150 mg
Days 4-10: 100 mg
Days 11-21: 50 mg

Days 1-6: 40 mg
Days 7-16: 20 mg
Days 16-25: 10 mg

I know it works out a little weird but basically I have 50 clo tabs and 50 nolv tabs. Cycle went well, no gyno and shutdown obv has occured bit tezticular atrophy isn't extreme.. noticeably smaller but not the size of peanuts or anything


I'd say it looks fine. I'd generally recommend just using Nolvadex but you won't kill yourself if you use both.


Thank you for the input, if I had a bit more nolva I would probably have done that


Since you're using both, I'd lower the clomid to only 50mg/day. I personally had bad side effects with clomid so never use it.


Would you reccomend any front loading at all? Even 100 mg/day for a little bit. Last time I used clomed I got a little bit depressed but that was about it (that was from 50 mg/day)


No, I don't think its necessary. If you're using 40mg of tamoxifen concurrently, there should be no need to front load the clomiphene.


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This I have come across, at the very least I would run 50 mg/day, which I have done before and didn't have too many problems


Am I correct in assuming that if I only ran the nolva I had that would not be enough for recovery for this cycle?


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That was my problem the two times i tried to use Clomid so I have a bias towards tamoxifen.


I would take off the clomid and put Aromasin in the PCT starting at 25mg and tapering it down to 12.5 for the last 2 weeks.

I would also put some cabaser during the cycle for the tren even if it is at low dosage. Once or twice a week at 0.5 depending how you feel.



Have you had a blood test showing that tren increases prolactin?



although no studies out there explicitly indicate that tren increases prolactin on the other side why would there be MANY studies on humans using tren when is only used for cattles? So there are no definitive answers really

We did study tren as part of residues originating from cattle excrements suggesting that by eating meet we are likely to ingest some of those residues too

to be honest quite a few people on it experienced prolactin

also the fact that like deca is a 19-nor should trigger some ring bells



Im not asking for studies.

Im asking if YOU have had a blood test done showing elevated prolactin.

Or if you know someone who has. That's all.

The fact that deca and tren are both 19-nor is not relevant.



No NO not by blood test only by symptoms



No NO not by blood test only by symptoms



Im not going to turn this into an interrogation so I wont prod any further.

I just think that using drugs that impact dopamine levels should be an absolute last resort. This is not milk thistle we're talking about here to just casually advise someone to use cabergoline as a 'just in case'



I know is not milk thistle or Spirulina we are talking about but since many people experienced those problems while on tren i would have the caba on hand to say the least. I don't care that there are no studies and there are speculations that it may not be due to tren. The facts are that people on tren usually tend to experience prolactin side effects and lactation eventually deducing that is from the tren because without it they don't experience it.


100% agree. Especially with a compound that shouldn't create prolactin problems.