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How Does This Look?

This will be my 4th cycle, I’m 36, 164lbs, 5’9", 15%bf. Previous cycles have been Test only | Test/Winny/HGH. I have been taking 100mg Test Cyp (basically a TRT dose) for the last 8 weeks.

         Dbol         SUST      EQ 	HCG	Clomid	    Nolva

Week 1 20 400 300 400iu
Week 2 20 400 300 400iu
Week 3 20 400 300 400iu
Week 4 20 400 300 400iu
Week 5 400 300 400iu
Week 6 400 300 400iu
Week 7 400 300 400iu
Week 8 400 300 400iu
Week 9 300
Week 10 300
Week 11 300
Week 12
Week 13
Week 14
Week 15 50 20
Week 16 50 20
Week 17 50 20
Week 18 50 20

Don’t know why it spaced like that when I posted it but here is the breakdown easier to read:

Week 1-4 Dbol 20
Week 1-8 Sustanon 400
Week 1-11 EQ 300
Week 12-14 OFF OFF
Week 15-18 Clomid 50 Nolva 20

Also the HCG at 400iu Week 1-8 (during the sust)

Heart attack waiting to happen kidney disease waiting to happen liver tumors all around. SMH

I did some more research I was interested as well…forget that lol

How so? The dosages are low compared to other Sust/EQ/Dbol cycles?? I was more interested in the timing of the PCT than anything.

You’re 5’ 9", 165lbs at 15% after 3 cycles??? clearly what you’re doing isn’t working for you
You need to start over!
Learn how to eat and train to grow before using drugs.
If I asked you what steroids did you’d prob answer build muscle. Wrong!
The end result of using AAS may lead to muscle gain but steroids are only a small piece of the formula.


What I meant is that I have done 3 cycles in the past. First one when I was 26, next one when I was 30 and then 33. I used to be consistently 130-135lbs until my first cycle. I have my diet on point as well as my training (used to be NASM CPT & PES). Any thoughts on the PCT timing?

No offense but I’m shorter than you and naturally got to 195.

None taken, but we all have different builds. I know people that are 5’4" and weigh 250lbs. I’m an ectomorph and as such would never make it to 195lbs gear or no gear, at least a quality 195.

Eq has a long half life. Around 14 days. Usually you need to wait 4-5 half lives before you start pct. Since you are using 300mg you would probably be ok starting pct after 3 half lives or six weeks. The best thing to do is run your test 3-4 weeks longer then the Eq then waiting 3 weeks to start your pct. If you start to early you run a higher chance of a failed pct.

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Thank you for an answer that actually helps out. So with my cycle it looks like I have the stopping of the EQ and Test reversed. Although I’ve heard that it’s always a good idea to extend EQ past test for at least 3-4 weeks, have you heard anything like this before?

I have not. The reason that most men run test longer is because it mimics what our bodies naturally produce. Running other compounds without test can make you feel bad and have negative sexual side effects. Most men will run a test base cycle. Some have ran successful cycles without test but it is not advised. I just noticed that you are running sustanon. It also contains the deconate ester test. This will also take a long time to clear your body. If you can, run test prop the last three weeks. This will make the transition into pct a lot smother. You can start pct 2 weeks after last pin. Test e or c world work to finish up as well but you would want to wait 3-4 weeks to start pct.

Thanks for the information and advice. And how about if I just stopped both Sust/EQ at week 12 and then waited 3 weeks for PCT? Would that work also?

I would suggest waiting longer. At three weeks that is only one and a half of the deconate or undeconate half life’s. Your aas levels in your blood will be too high to start recovery.

After three weeks get blood work done. If your testosterone levels are below normal then you can start pct.

I combed through your posts and think you’re allowing yourself to be mislead
I too am very small framed by nature. At your age I was 5’ 10", 142lbs. (I have a post with pics in the over 35 forum)
Over the last 4 years I’ve managed to add close to 45lbs to my body. 15 of that has been just this year alone
Now, I’m not saying I’m a ripped 185lbs but I can def get there naturally IMHO. I have no doubt that myself or you could get to 195lbs at 12-15% bodyfat naturally and 100% if using gear
I’m not telling you to not cycle because it’s not really my concern but I think some guys on here are trying to help by suggesting you hold off cycling awhile. By giving up on learning how to effectively gain using a solid program focused on progressive overload and fine tuning your surplus of calories you will limit your ability to either gain on cycle or maintain any muscle gained

Hey, I took your advice and am six weeks in. I did some adjustment along the way but this is what I have now. How does this look to you? Anything else you recommend? Thanks

Looks good. I personally run amiridex through. My first cycle I got gyno 3 weeks in on a low test only cycle. I had to have a double mastectomy to get it removed. So to me it is not worth waiting for sides to appear. As for the pct I like nolvadex only. For a 16 week cycle I would run nolvadex at 20mg per day for 6 weeks. Also I taper off my amiridex through pct as ksman recommends. This has worked good for me.

I’m not the most knowledgeable of people in this subject. But everything I’ve read suggests eq needs to be run longer than 11 weeks. It’ll just be starting to kick in by then.